Why Liverpool Should Aim For The Premier League Title


It seems strange that after almost half of the season gone, Liverpool still second in the Premier League, but nobody are even considering them as serious threat for title challenge. It has one major advantage though. Since, the expectation is low, Liverpool can do their job quietly, with getting bogged down under external pressure from outside.


This season probably represents the best chance for Liverpool to not only finish in top four but have an outside shot at the title as well. They have made a strong start to the season, are consolidating it well enough and all they need is to carry on the momentum till the very end.

Liverpool showed last week that there is no death of quality in the side, even without Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge and after their 5-0 victory over Spurs at White Hart Lane, it prompted Brendan Rodgers to admit, it was a “complete performance” from the Reds.

Kolo Toure said after that match: “I think now he (Luis Suarez) can see that all the players want to fight and want to try to win this title definitely.”

The general expectation among the fans is a top four finish. Even I agree that too. Champions League is necessary for Liverpool to take the club they belonged to. Staying realistic is the best possible way the club can move forward. But, at the same time, they must not restrict their target to mere finishing in top four only. They should aim bigger, which in fact will help them achieve their minimum expectations of making it to the Champions League for next season.

One of the major advantages they have over their rivals is – there is no side distraction for them this season. When other challengers will have to comply with dual pressure of Europe and League, Liverpool can simply focus on single front only.

All they need is to have the belief in them and maintain that level of consistency. ‘Think big and act even bigger’ is the mantra they should follow. With Luis Suarez firing all cylinders, Gerrard & Sturridge to return next month and few good additions in January, they should be fine to maintain that form till the very end, unless, they press the self-destructive button.

Under Brendan Rodgers, we have seen, how Liverpool have gone strength to strength in the second half of last season, so expect, the Reds to perform even better as the season progresses.

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