Who is Michael Block? The Club Pro Making Waves at the 2023 PGA Championship

michael block
michael block

If you have been watching any coverage of the PGA Championship over the past couple of days, you will likely have seen plenty of coverage of California club pro Michael Block. Block, a former PGA Tour professional now charges $150 for an hour lesson in Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California. But this week, he is currently in the top-10 of a major in the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, but who exactly is Michael Block. We take a closer at the club pro who’s getting a lot of attenion at the 2023 PGA Championship.

Here are some key points about PGA club pro Michael Block:

  • He is 46 years old, married, and a father to two children.
  • Michael Block is a club pro at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California.
  • He charges $150 for an hour lesson.
  • He made it to the PGA Tour in 2014, and he also played college golf at the University of San Diego.
  • Block’s best finish on the PGA Tour was a tie for 69th at the Sanderson Farms Championship in 2014.
  • At the PGA Championship in 2023, Block is making headlines as he is in the top ten as late in the third round.
  • As a club professional, he is eligible to win prize money at the PGA Championship.
  • He has been interviewed in a walk-and-talk format twice.
  • He has an engaging personality which is attracting fans and media attention.
  • Block was overcome with emotion and shed tears of joy during a press conference when he learned he was leading Masters champion, Jon Rahm.

Michael Block – From $150 Lessons to Top-10 in a Major

If you’ve been tuning into the PGA Championship, you’ve likely spotted a less familiar face. Michael Block, the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club’s pro from Mission Viejo, California, is currently making waves at Oak Hill. And yes, you heard right. A club pro, previously seen giving hour-long lessons for $150, is now stealing the limelight in one of golf’s major tournaments.

Born in 1977, San Diego-native Block had a notable career in college golf at the University of San Diego. After grinding it out on mini-tours, he earned his PGA Tour card in 2014. Although his tour stint yielded a modest best finish—a tie for 69th at the 2014 Sanderson Farms Championship—Block’s current performance at the PGA Championship is turning heads.

Block Gets Emotional Over PGA Championship Performance

The club pro turned temporary tour pro, remains in the top ten towards the end of the third round. It’s not only his best showing in a major, but it also places him ahead of certain elite golfers.

Perhaps the most touching moment came when Block learned he was leading Masters champ, Jon Rahm. Overwhelmed with emotion, Block shed tears of joy during the press conference. A humble and authentic reaction that has won him a multitude of new fans.

Engaging Block Making a Name for Himself with TV Walk and Talks

Cameras have become a familiar sight for Block. Over the past couple of days, they’ve followed him, walk-and-talk style, twice. During these interviews, Block’s engaging personality has come to the fore, making him a crowd favorite.

At 46 years old, Block is a seasoned player with a reputation for solid ball-striking and a knack for making putts. His course management skills also enable him to score well on difficult terrains—a trait that’s proving advantageous at Oak Hill.

Block’s success is a win for club pros everywhere. The prize money up for grabs at the PGA Championship isn’t exclusive to tour regulars. If Block can secure his place, he will be eligible to take home a portion of the prize pool.

So, who is Michael Block? He’s the California club pro who is currently defying odds and rewriting narratives at the 2023 PGA Championship. His heartwarming journey reminds us that in the world of golf, determination and hard work can lead to unexpected breakthroughs.

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