What does the Ferguson and Mourinho ‘secret pact’ mean for United and Chelsea?

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Jose Mourinho has spoken of a pact between himself and Sir Alex Ferguson which suggests the pair share secrets and close guarded issues which have repercussions for both Chelsea and Manchester United.

Mourinho has just revealed how he knew about Ferguson’s retirement before plenty of others and how he was very open with the former United boss over how he wanted to leave Real Madrid and go back to Stamford Bridge.

“I knew that Ferguson was retiring many months ago and I was so happy to have his trust. It was big news for the world. I can imagine that just a very close circle around him knew that and it was a big responsibility,” he told the Guardian.

The news means that while Ferguson holds some sort of role in any capacity at Old Trafford, Mourinho will have to encounter him when it comes to any dealings with the club.

Where that is most contemporary is the case of Wayne Rooney with the Manchester United striker being linked with a summer move to West London.

Ferguson managed during a spell where he encountered two Wayne Rooney transfer requests combined with bringing the striker to United for a huge fee as a teenager from Everton.

Ferguson is a better judge than most when it comes to players and how disruptive they can be at a club and he holds all the power in terms of being able to put Mourinho off from signing Rooney.

That is a very important aspect for United in keeping him on as a director because regardless of Rooney’s character or nature, he remains a very important player for David Moyes looking ahead to next season.

As far as Chelsea are concerned, that is definitely something that works against them rather than this positive relationship working in their favour.

The apparent pact of trust also goes a long way to dispelling the myth that Mourinho was considered too unstable or too arrogant to be able to follow sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United.

Ferguson’s decision to opt for David Moyes as his successor doesn’t seem to have been based on the fact that United were never going to get Mourinho, it seems to be based on the fact that he never wanted to ideally go to Old Trafford.

“Of course I told him. For Chelsea, I would turn down every job in the world,” he added.

Ferguson is now in the unique position where he’s under less pressure and can even grill his friend in London for little snippets of information he can give to David Moyes to try and get an edge over Chelsea next season.

Which team will benefit more, Chelsea or Manchester United?

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