The strangest football gifts

Football fans are geniunely interested in buying the weirdest things if they are carrying their favorite club’s logo. Even if they have never used anything like it before but they must have it!

Two years ago, we did a little research and collected the weirdest football merchandise from around the globe and a particular jester hat in Barcelona colors got a lot of attention. This time around, we’ve added the weird merchandise to the Soccerlens Store.

Here are some of the weird football merchandise from the Store:

Rubber Ducks

So, your bath time gets very boring. How about we introduce you to a colorful rubber ducky with your clubs’ crest?


Click here to browse our rubber ducky range. Only available for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Real Madrid.


If you play golf, it sure as hell gets boring. Those long walks to the ball can be made more interesting if you buy a football club-specific golf ball or tees or something that will get you to think about an actual sport.


Click here to browse our golf range.

Real Madrid Jester Hats

Last time around, I found a Barcelona jester hat but this time around, we bring for you a Real Madrid jester hat!

Frankly, it looked much better in Barca’s colors.


Click here to buy the Real Madrid jester hat.

Nodding Dogs

Even if you didn’t know what it was called but you know what a nodding dog is because if you’ve been alive and around in the last ten years, you have seen it somewhere.

Unfortunately, nodding dogs are only available for Tottenham fans and Real Madrid fans.

Click here to: buy Tottenahm nodding dog | buy Real Madrid nodding dog.

Piggy Banks

If there’s any room left in your house which is not covered by an item bearing your club’s logo, get one of these and put it there. These are piggy banks…


Click here to browse our piggy bank range. Only available for Arsenal, AC Milan, Birmingham City, Celtic, Chelsea, Everton, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Rangers, Real Madrid & Tottenham.

Messi Towel

This is just unacceptable. Or maybe only for girls who really like Lionel Messi.

I’m a Barca and Messi fan myself but rubbing a photo of Messi up and down on my body is just too far across the line for me. There’s definitely nothing wrong with towels carrying club crests but this is one of the weirdest football merchandise in my opinion.

What’s next? Cristiano Ronaldo toilet paper?


Click here to buy Messi Towel, if you must.

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