Lampard attacked by Tottenham fan (video)

The match itself was quite pedestrian (apart from THAT goal by Shevchenko, who’s on a roll), so I’ll skip the boring match report (you can hit ChelseaBlog or BBC for it) and get down to the real business – vidoes.

The main talking point of the Tottenham – Chelsea game was the pitch invasion at the end of the game – and as domestic football takes a break and people turn towards international football, I think this is an excellent time to talk about the increasing amount of violence in football, whether it’s on the pitch, on the sidelines or in the stands.

What is the FA doing about this increase of sideline violence and in-match brawling? Instead of patting themselves on the back for introducing goalline tech so late, they should do a lot more to deal with football violence.

I’d like to hear what you guys think about this – is it just me or is the brawling increasing with every season?

Tottenham Verdict

Tottenham now have 5th place and the UEFA cup to play for, and considering that Sevilla should knock their socks off in the quarter-final, Tottenham probably just have the league to play for. Still, Spurs and Martin Jol can take pride in turning their season around and for all intents and purposes this season has been better than last season – the FA Cup run, the UEFA cup run and the increased competition in the Premiership has made it much harder this season, and Tottenham have been up for the task.

Tottenham still have a long way to go though.

Sheva Goal

If his previous goal (scored two days ago) didn’t impress you, maybe this one will.

Lampard Incident

If you watch the video, you’ll see Lampard waiting for the fan to reach him before he ducked out of the intended punch – smart thinking by the Chelsea player and kudos to the Chelsea staff who wrestled the fan to the ground and the security staff who dragged the fan out before the Chelsea contingent could deliver a king-sized whopping to the fan.

Did Drogba stamp on the fan? For a second it seemed like the players were kicking the fan, but it could have been my imagination.

While I’m sure that some people would like nothing better than to see players fight with fans (and each other), this sort of thing is unacceptable in football, and I hope that fan is banned from football for life.

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