Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea – Carling Cup Final – Goal Videos

Chelsea v Tottenham threatened to be a goal-fest what with Tottenham’s attacking prowess and weak defence. However, with Woodgate and King starting for Tottenham (and Kaboul joining them late on), this Tottenham side finally learned to defend and not just defend but defend with poise.

The game will go down in history as one of the better Carling Cup finals in recent memory (4-0 drubbings and mass brawls hardly do justice to the stage) and while some thrill-seekers will rue the lack of ‘excitement’ (i.e. goals), this was an excellent game of football with intricate battles and tactics from both Grant and Ramos.

That Ramos won and Grant lost will have more to do with the self-belief and self-confidence showed by the Tottenham players than any tactical errors on Grant’s side.

You can read the detailed match coverage here.

The goals:

Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea (Drogba)
Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea (Berbatov)
Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea (Woodgate)

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