Top 3 fastest players in FIFA 20

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There’s only a day left till FIFA 20 is made available to play across all platforms and the excitement levels are definitely bubbling up inside gamers.

As Electronic Arts(EA) amps up the realistic nature of it’s FIFA games as the years move on, there’s one certain type of player everyone loves playing with.

It’s the pacy players who turn out as hugely popular in the game, as you can just take control and dart forward with them.

Who doesn’t like going into the wings, sprint forward to leave defenders in the dust? Well, FIFA has given some impressive pace ratings to certain players who are actually electric quick in real life. Here we look at the 3 fastest players in FIFA 20.

3. Leroy Sane

The Manchester City speedster might be out for the rest of 2019 with a gruesome injury, but there’s little doubting his ability. Sane missed an opportunity for a summer move to Bayern Munich, but his heroics last season has been duly rewarded on FIFA.

With an overall rating of 86, his 95 pace really stands out! The German is an unstoppable man moving forward and it’s going to be rather easy to burst through the wings, ousting defenders through the wings.

Sane’s the ideal winger to rely on if you tend to rely on pace, skilfull wingers as he’ll fly past the opposition with ease thanks to his electric speed.

2. Kylian Mbappe

Earlier this year, Kylian Mbappe clocked at a speed faster than Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in a win over Monaco by averaging 38kmph. So it’s not surprising that FIFA’s made him among their quickest players in lieu with his 89 rating!

Mbappe has a pace rating of 96, which means you can seamlessly run through on the opposition goal using his flash-like ability. Apart from his immaculate running ability, Mbappe also has solid dribbling and shooting attributes which make him among the most explosive players in the game.

Let’s just say if you want long-term success in career mode, Mbappe’s the man to bank on with his stunning pace and blooming attributes.

1. Adama Traore

This might come as a surprise to many, but Wolves’ winger Adama Traore’s actually the fastest player in the game! He’s in line with Mbappe with a 96 pace, which doesn’t really compliment an average 74 rating!

Traore might not have the skills like the top pacy players in the game, but his ability to surge forward is unprecedented. With a pace attribute like that, you can easily burst past defenders through the wings by just smashing the sprint key.

Traore’s somewhat useless apart from his pace, but those who are obsessed with electric runners in FIFA 20, the Wolves winger is a safe bet to rely upon.

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