Superstar Footballers and their Cars


Things have changed quite a bit since the days of leather footballs and half-time oranges. Football’s ascension into the economic stratosphere has heralded a complete makeover, transforming the game in every conceivable way, for better or for worse.

The world’s top footballers are now paid astronomical amounts of money to participate in training, play a match or two a week, and be a world-wide superstar without expending too much precious energy.


With that much money being bandied around, and a fair bit of free time on their hands, the focus inevitably switches to the material. New houses, new clothes, and of course, a stunningly expensive new car!

Cars are footballers’ ultimate fashion accessories, and yet with their seemingly obligatory lack of taste, many players fail miserably here, and find themselves driving around in real horrors, such as a black and shocking pink Range Rover.

I am of course referring to Stoke City midfielder Stephen Ireland’s quite unsettling car selection, and while he may have been forgiven for his first effort, an army of badly chosen vehicles now fills his nauseous garage.


Luckily, not all footballers are numb when it comes to beauty, and a fair few have rolled out some quite extraordinary examples for the world to gawp at.

The fun infographic below (courtesy of Autoweb) celebrates a top 10 of players at the top of their game, and are currently speeding round in a lovely bit of motor.


What do you think? Who’s bagged the best wheels? Let me know in the comments below…

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