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We love our football at Soccerlens, but we especially love our football viewing. In all honesty it was getting rather tedious having to make do with bog standard streams of live football games on our laptops with the distinct displeasure of having to squint at our computer screens not knowing who made that killer pass.

Football being the global game sees mass audience’s doing their utmost to view the latest live games, highlights and clips via their PC or MAC. The trouble however is the general quality of the aforementioned with the audio and visual content being rather obsolete. Many streams fail to produce anywhere near the quality that is available via a standard television and it hinders the viewer’s enjoyment of having the pleasure to view the beautiful game. This conundrum however is now a thing of the past thanks to ‘Veebeam’ who have released an innovative method to help aid you football viewing.

The Veebeam wireless set-top box is a fantastic new product which enables you the

Veebeam 1

possibility of viewing all your online content via a wireless connection onto your television. Its sleek design also eliminates the need for any cluttered wiring from your PC/laptop as the connection is transmitted via a wireless connection.

The installation is ever so simple. Beforehand you need make sure you download the latest Veebeam software via the official website in order to produce a wireless connection.

As soon as you do,  you can simply plug the Veebeam set-top box into the back of your television set through either the composite A/V cable or premium HDMI cable (for HD TV’s) before plugging the power supply into your wall socket. Using your television remote, tune into the correct video input where your television screen will display the Veebeam start-up screen. Now all that is needed is the USB antenna plugged into a USB port which will instantly transmit the picture off your computer screen directly onto that of your television. As simple as that to stream on your TV!

The quality of the transmission is fantastic. Although there is a two second delay via internet sources, this is just a miniscule hindrance to the overall product. The stunning picture that is available via the television is a stark contrast to that on the computer screen. You instantly recognise the quality of detail that the Veebeam transmission produces.

This is a brilliant product for football viewing.

Veebeam unit
Veebeam unit

It must however be noted that the faster and better your computer process is, the better the quality. The same goes for your broadband connection. The capability of viewing all your football is so simple. A live game being streamed via your laptop can instantly be enlarged onto a 40inch television set. It certainly takes the strain off your eyes when viewing it on a small computer screen in comparison.

The audio is delivered through your television speakers rather than through that of your computer. This is a fantastic concept and the quality of the audio is just as good as the visual content. You can hear the grunts and groans of a hostile crowd in the San Siro in crystal clear detail or the ball being thumped from thirty-five yards by Cristiano Ronaldo. It certainly enhances your viewing and listening pleasure all-round.

The compactness of the product is a real plus. It can easily be placed onto the shelving units of your entertainment systems and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. With it having a wireless connection it also means no wires being spread from piece of equipment to another. The USB antenna must be plugged into an available USB port in order to deliver the wireless transmission. That in itself is extremely compacted and isn’t that much bigger than a standard USB pen.

The Veebeam box is an innovative yet exciting method to view your online football videos, clips and streams via your television set. Internet television is beginning to revolutionise the way we approach our viewing and this product has made huge strides in getting ahead of its competitors. The simplicity of viewing all your football content is thanks to Veebeam. No longer will you have to squint at your computer screen to see if Xavi has squeezed his pass through the eye of a needle – Veebeam won’t miss a trick.

You can purchase a Veebeam set-top box via Amazon for £139. Buy it now

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