Soccerlens turns 1, gets a new design, more goodies on the way

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Hey guys.

Unless you’re reading this in your feed reader (and if you are I urge you to click through and poke your nose around the site), you’ll notice that the site has a new design.

You can all thank Nicolas for it. I’d love to hear any feedback (bad more than good) that you guys have on it.

Also, today is 19th April 2007, exactly one year after I started Soccerlens.

Some short stats for the first year:

  • Just over 2,000,000 pageviews (just over 240,000 for April 2007).
  • Just over 1100 posts (I wrote 970 or so of them…damn! Ed’s second with 55 – I need to bring in more writers).
  • Over 6100 comments (I have almost 700 of them and Karl you’re 2nd with 114 😛 thanks man) – the comments-to-posts ratio needs to be much better.

Truth be told, I was far more excited about this day a month ago than I am now. Right now, all I want to do is get back to working on the site itself.

There are a couple of new things planned for the site (stuff that we’ve been discussing for quite some time now), and hopefully they’ll pan out right by the end of the season (end of May).

Before I split, here’s an open offer:

  • Anyone who wants to start their own blog on football (supporting their club, covering women’s football, pics only, whatever), mail me right now and let’s start talking. I will gladly help you setup and promote your blog.
  • If you want to go a bit slower, you can kick off by writing for Soccerlens (or any other blog like COS, The Offside and Who Ate All The Pies)

Hit me up with suggestions, feedback and especially if you want to start writing about your club.

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