Should Liverpool bring back Rafa Benitez?

Rafael Benitez
Rafael Benitez

Rafael Benitez

According to reports in Italy, the future of Rafael Benitez’ future at Napoli is doomed and that the Spaniard is facing an exit.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Benitez is highly unlikely to stay at Napoli, while the uncertainties surrounding the future of the former Inter Milan boss may have affected the moral of the team.

Via Twitter @mephobia8
Via Twitter @mephobia8

Via Eurosport: Reports suggest that the relationship between the club and the coach is at an all-time low, with the Gazzetta dello Sport claiming “the probabilities that Benitez will stay [at Napoli] are close to zero”.

Napoli despite starting well in the Serie A find themselves 7th in the table, following their 2-0 defeat against AC Milan last Sunday.

Rafa has a home in Liverpool and he is loved and adored by the Red fans. I am not saying that Brendan Rodgers should leave the club, but there are all sorts of rumours surrounding his future, with Liverpool’s poor form reaching its nadir in 3-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Liverpool will probably stick with him, and give him the necessary time to put things back on track, but should the results do not improve, the Liverpool hierarchy might take a bold decision before it gets too late.

In that situation, again hypothetical one, if Rafa becomes available, could Liverpool turn their attention to him?

Liverpool played some of their best football under Benitez, and we have seen, how the team struggled badly on pitch, following his exit from the club.

What do you think, if a situation really arise, where Liverpool need to change their manager & Rafa is still available, should the Spaniard be recalled back at Anfield?

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