Man Utd legend savages racist Chelsea fans but fears no change


Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has savaged the racist Chelsea fans who shoved a black man off a Paris tube before the Blues Champions League match against PSG on Tuesday night.

The shocking incident, which has led to widespread criticism, especially after the brazen chants from the fans of “we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”, has left the now QPR defender questioning whether the authorities can really stamp out the problem, which is as much a social phenomena as it is to do with football.

Ferdinand, at outspoken advocate for anti-racism, took to Twitter to voice his concerns. “Does football want to change this? Do the people in the game that hold the power really want to put the hard yards in to eradicate racism?” he said.

He added: “The racist scene on the metro with the Chelsea fans-disgraceful behaviour obviously. But can football change this? Does it have the power?”

The victim has since said the Chelsea aggressors should be locked up. Investigations are still continuing as police look to establish the offenders.

Chelsea have condemned the incident and say they are helping with the investigation.

Ferdinand is right to question whether such a problem can ever be stamped out, though for him to ask whether football wants to eradicate it is missing the point. Football is a reflection of society and ever since human civilization there has been human conflict, hatred and racism.

Expecting the football authorities to solve this conundrum is asking too much. Everyone must play their part, though in reality this issue will always exist to a greater or, hopefully, lesser degree. In the meantime the perpetrators of such acts must be spoken to in the language they understand; with bans and strong punishments.

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