Rapper Drake Places Bet On NBA Finals, Takes The Mavericks To Win

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Canadian rapper Drake is a known sports enthusiast, and one of the more public sports bettors on social media. Through the Stake betting app, he regularly posts screenshots of his wagers, which are typically placed on the biggest of games and matchups, and this year is no different with the NBA Finals looming.

Rapper Drake Bets On Dallas To Win NBA Finals

On Thursday morning, “ChampagnePapi”, as he is referred to on Instagram, confirmed that he is backing the Dallas Mavericks this season, and put down half a million dollars on Luka DončiΔ‡ and company to take down the Boston Celtics. Drake somehow got +275 odds, meaning that he will see an estimated payout of $1.375 million should Dallas take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

It isn’t the only wager that the rapper is making on big sporting events this month. He also placed a bet on this year’s Stanley Cup Final, and is backing the Edmonton Oilers over the Florida Panthers in the series that starts on Saturday evening.

Drake has had his ups and downs when it comes to sports wagering, as many regular gamblers do. In just this particular calendar year, he has seen upset losses, like losing $700k when he bet on Sean Strickland to win a UFC fight back in January. But a couple of weeks later, he won big by bringing home $2.3 million when the Chiefs defeated the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

The Public Bettors Agree With “ChampaignPapi”

He isn’t the only one backing Dallas, it seems. According to many of the major sports books, much of the public money is on the underdog Mavericks, with FanDuel reporting that 82% of bets are on Dallas money line for Game 1. The 2024 NBA Finals will be the first since 1990 in which no player on either roster has been named regular season MVP previously.

Should both the Mavericks and Oilers take home the championship trophy in the coming days and weeks, Drake would net a total of $2.4 million in winnings.

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