PSG trying to lure Chelsea’s golden duo?


In less than a week’s time, along with other members of the squad, Oscar and Eden Hazard will be heading to France and PSG. Reports today however suggest that the French club would like to make the stay of those two particular players more permanent.

In a move that is almost becoming a modern trend in football transfer sagas, a couple of PSG players have been quoted as encouraging the Chelsea players to ship out for some French leave in the capital. Transfer restrictions prevent clubs touting players, but there’s nothing in the rules to prevent the odd more than oblique reference by other players.


The Daily Telegraph is quoting fellow Brazilian Lucas Moura as saying that he would love Oscar to join him at the Parc des Princes.

“Oscar is a very good player. A rare talent in today’s football, given his qualities. He is very complete and is very smart. We need someone like him at PSG.” He went on to say “I think he would help us a lot. The more quality players there are, the better it is for the squad. Also, he’s a very good friend of mine. I would be very happy if he came to PSG, the club too.”

With regard to Hazard, it is former Premier League player Yohan Cabaye who has been the siren voice, declaring that “Hazard is the player I’d like to see at PSG. He would do a lot of good to Paris and the league. He’s one of the best players against whom I’ve played.”

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho will be aware that although such newspaper talk can be unsettling for players ahead of a contest between the two clubs, the issue may well run deeper.

The Qatari oil money has fuelled PSG’s drive to become one of the continents top clubs, and if they have fixed their gaze on the Chelsea duo, a fight for their services could be in the offing. Both Oscar and Hazard have three years left on their contracts, and although the club would be keen to offer them extensions, should they be tempted by the Ligue 1 club’s offer, it may be difficult to keep them in west London.

PSG will have been encouraged by remarks attributed to Hazard saying that he would like to play for PSG at some time in his career. Perhaps the French champions think there’s no time like the present!

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