Nintendo Hit Almost $63B in Revenue Since Launching the Switch Console

Nintendo net
Nintendo net

Besides climbing on the list of the most popular video game consoles of all time, Switch continues bringing enormous profits for the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo.

According to data presented by, Nintendo hit almost $63bn in net sales revenue since launching the Switch console six years ago.

Nintendo`s Net Sales Jumped 40% in Five Years

After the launch of Nintendo Switch in March 2017, the net sales of the Japanese gaming giant have more than doubled. Following the disappointing sales of its predecessor, the Wii U, the Switch came as the new hope for Nintendo in the ongoing battle with other console giants, PlayStation and Xbox. Acting as both a portable and home console system, it soon started to grow in popularity in the gaming community, driving sales revenue for Nintendo.

In 2017, Nintendo`s net sales amounted to $4.36bn, according to the company`s official data. A year later, this figure more than doubled to $9.95bn. The company`s sales revenue continued rising and hit $12.1bn in 2020. Still, that was nothing compared to the growth seen in 2021, as a record year for Nintendo sales. That year alone, the company hit almost $16bn in net sales or 32% more than the year before. Although this figure dropped to just over $14bn in 2022, it still represents a huge 40% increase compared to 2018 figures.

One-Third of Revenue Came from the Americas

The sales of the Switch console make up more than two-thirds of Nintendo`s annual revenue. Last year, the Japanese gaming giant grossed $10.6bn from the Nintendo Switch platform, while its annual revenue amounted to around $14bn.

Most of that sales came from the Americas, Nintendo`s largest market. While the United States might have some of the largest gaming companies in the world, worth tens of billions of dollars and counting millions of users across the globe, all of them are losing the race with the Japanese gaming giant when it comes to popularity among gamers. Today, Nintendo is the most known and liked gaming company in the United States, ahead of US gaming giants Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and Activision Blizzard. The company`s sales figures prove this.

Statistic show that Nintendo grossed almost $22.5bn in the Americas between the fiscal year 2018 and 2022 or more than in Europe and Japan combined.

The sales in the European market brought in $13.2bn in this period, 41% less than in the Americas. Far below, the Japanese market followed with $11.8bn in five-year sales revenue.

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