Football News Roundup – 1/11/06

Not much time today, so a quick look at the interesting news bits from yesterday and today.

I put up the goals from the Barcelona-Chelsea game, but if you are brave, can download a 100+ MB file easily and want to see ALL the goals from yesterday’s Champions League matches, here’s the download link.

I’ll be reviewing the goals plus the matches on friday morning, depending on whether I get the goals for today’s matches or not. Nice goals from Liverpool btw, all 3 of them.

More news:

  • Apparently, Uefa had banned Copenhagen from selling beer brewed by their sponsors in their first home match in the tournament. Club officials said that local custom “required” beer consumption during games and, having forced them to sell non-alcoholic beer against Benfica, Uefa has relented. Should be a good party 🙂
  • Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann was once substituted before half time for an appalling performance for AC Milan in 1998 where he first missed a cross to let in the first goal, then gave away a penalty. Some habits die hard, even after 8 years…
  • Arseblog debunks the ‘Henry got booed’ story (against Everton). Good play…
  • Wenger talks about his respect for Ferguson and their ‘duels’. Getting soft in his old age? 🙂
  • Wenger’s also asking for video technology to be introduced – maybe him and Ferguson can band together and fix this, eh? (tongue-in-cheek ppl, tongue-in-cheek)
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