Manchester United fan? Liverpool fan? Or are you just a clueless idiot?!

It is a Public Holiday in England today. You can tell just by looking out of the window and seeing how heavily it is raining!

The English football season is very nearly over and for us in the UK we have a pressure free Euro 2008 to look forward to without any of our teams being good enough to take part. There is one more game to watch. It is the big one. The League Two play-off final between Rochdale and Stockport. Even I might give that one a miss! Actually, no I won’t.

As it is a holiday and also the end of my first season as a full-time football writer I thought it might be nice to take a light hearted look at some of the comments made on my articles on this site over the last few months.

My articles have received many supportive comments, many nice comments and a majority of them have been constructive, thoughtful comments about the debate I have attempted to begin. However, none of those comments are funny! I’d like to share my particular favourites with you so that you can see why I continue to write with a smile on my face:

“but please be more creative in writing fresh articles…. Sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.”

“Michael Owen is “England’s best striker”? Bollocks – Rooney is.”

“Don’t be bloody stupid! Only a tunnel visioned Man U fan would even suggest something so stupid!”

“Who cares?”

“What utter garbage”

“This is a ridiculous article to say the least.”

“You are quite clearly the scum of the earth”

“This article is a load of rubbish”

“Is this supposed to be funny? Try harder.”

“Poor article. a case of sour grapes.”

“This “funny” article written by a rag is an excuse for having a pop at City by making a point about Thaksin Shinawatra. I suspect Graham Fisher knows as much about football as he claims TS does.”

“What a biased piece of tosh this article really is.”

“What a load of balls”

My personal top five:

5. “Another note to the author – go die !!!!! you are sooo obtuse it really is unfair on your parents. you are a miscreant and plainly, mind numbingly dumb!!!!!!!”

4. “Mr. Graham fisher if you got nothing better to do that is not our problem, please do not write rubbish articles”

3. “What a load of sh*t. In all fairness, you sound like one of these idiots who has never played football in his life”

2. “Proves what a biased, clueless idiot you are.”

And my personal favourite and winner for season 2007-08 is a simple question:

1. “Are you gay graham?”

I have been accused of being a Manchester United fan, Liverpool fan, Arsenal fan and Manchester City fan. I have been told that I am clearly biased towards to my team, who could of course be any of the above. Actually it is none of them. I am a Watford fan. Anything I write about the top clubs might be absolute rubbish but it is never biased!

I love everything about football and one of those things is the passion and love and anger that it engenders in really committed fans. I spend a big chunk of my life watching, writing about, talking about and reading about football. Other people’s opinions make me really cross until I realise that they are just opinions. Not right or wrong, just opinions. It doesn’t stop me arguing with what others say though!

I would like to thank you all for your comments which at least means you are reading what I write and being compelled to make a comment. That is the point after all. We all want to talk about football and we’re never going to all agree.

I look forward to writing some more biased rubbish about Euro 2008 although I’m not sure who I can be accused of supporting in that competition!

Keep reading and keep commenting. Long may it continue.

Graham Fisher is a professional football writer and writes for Soccerlens and SoccerNews, amongst other websites.

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