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Last call for writers



Last Sunday, I issued a call for writers on SL, and the response was very positive. There were several quality articles submitted to SL and as a result I think we’ve gained 2-3 good contributors for the long term.

If you missed out last Sunday or if you didn’t get a chance to contribute to SL this week, I’m extended the call for writers by another week.

However, there’s a small twist – After next Sunday, I’m closing off registrations – there are some changes happening here on SL in the month, and while I’m still going to have contributors (and will invite other authors on-board in the future), this is probably your last chance this year to sign up and get a chance to write on SL.

I talked about the benefits of writing on SL last week, but I’ll reiterate two of the most important ones:

1. It’ll help you promote your own site through your byline.

2. If you want to start a football blog, then this is the best way to get started – sign up, write a couple of articles and ‘practice’ on SL. When you’re ready to start your own blog, tell me and I’ll get you set up. I’ve already helped Ed and RR get going, plus there’s a third blog that I’m going to announce tomorrow.

A shout-out to Brian Lomax and longshot – these guys write well.

And that’s your lot. Sign up to write, and make your ancestors proud (or something).