Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

kai cenat
kai cenat

Using data from SullyGnome, SportsLens has ranked the top 20 fastest growing streamers on Twitch in 2023 so far with a household name at the top.

  • Kai Cenat the fastest growing Twitch streamer of 2023 with over 1.3 million followers gained
  • KingsLeague ranks third despite controversies regarding match-fixing in soccer games
  • Nobel Prize nominated writer Juan Guarnizo ranks ninth ahead of wife Ari Gameplays

Top 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers Of 2023

1. Kai Cenat – 1,321,636 followers gained

Kai Cenat is just 21-years-old and best known for his live streams on the Twitch platform, becoming the most subscribed streamer of all-time at the end of February – beating the previous record set by Ludwig.

He recently won ‘Streamer of the Year’ at the 12th Streamer Awards. Cenat began including celebrity guests like Bobby Shmurda, Lil Baby and 21 Savage in his streams who helped him achieve a peak viewership of 283,245.

He began the year embroiled in controversy after being accused by TikToker Jovi Pena of downplaying and refusing to help her after her alleged rape at a New Year’s Eve party he hosted. Cenat was accused of not adequately responding to her when she questioned him about the alleged rapist.

He is currently the 39th most followed account on the platform with a total of 4.93 million followers.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023
Kai Cenat

2. ElSpreen – 1,290,326 followers gained

Coming in at second with almost 1.3 million followers gained in 2023 is ElSpreen. Real name Ivan Buhajeruk, he is an Argentine Twitch streamer and boasts over 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2023 so far, his most played game is Minecraft with an average viewership of 107,984 and maximum of 403,954. His view count dips to an average of 57,292 with a ‘Just Chatting’ stream and 41,983 when playing Roblox.

He is the 12th most followed channel on Twitch with 7.56 million.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

3. KingsLeague – 1,203,528 followers gained

The Kings League is a seven-a-side football league in Barcelona established by retired soccer star Gerard Pique in association with other notable football personalities and Twitch streamers. All matches are streamed on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.

The tournament reached an average audience of 450,000 viewers in the first round and peaked at 780,000, later growing to an average of 558,200 in the second round with a peak of 945,000. A match in the third round had over 1.3 million viewers.

KingsLeague has faced many criticisms including from La Liga president Javier Tebas calling it a ‘circus’ and corruption allegations began to surface after the conclusion of the 2023 Winter Split.

Referee Manuel Titos quit the league and accused the league’s organizers of trying to influence referees’ decisions. During a livestream he showed evidence for these allegations but the league claimed that Titos had issues behind the scenes with unnamed people from the organization.

KingsLeague is currently the 116th most followed channel on Twitch with 2.48 million.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

4. Rivers_gg – 1,063,899 followers gained

Samy Rivera, better known online as Rivers, is a Mexican streamer who used to post content on Facebook until switching to stream on Twitch in November 2021. She is currently one of the fastest growing channels on the platform with over 1 million gained in 2023 so far.

She used to exclusively play Call of Duty but has branched out to other games like Minecraft. This year, her Minecraft streams have averaged 22,395 viewers with a peak of 68,679.

Her average viewership slightly dips when playing other games such as Grand Theft Auto V (18,655), Call of Duty: Warzone (14,866) and Mario Party Superstars (21,221).

She is currently the 68th most followed Twitch streamer with 3.55 million.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

5. GermanGarmendia – 963,777 followers gained

German Garmendia is a Chilean content creator who became famous for his YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman. He was listed as one of the biggest YouTube stars by The Washington Post, one of the most popular by BBC and one of the most influential in Time magazine.

When streaming on Twitch, he averages 45,119 viewers playing Minecraft which peaked at 65,632. He also plays games like Sons of the Forest, Pico  Park and Gartic Show but these games aren’t nearly as popular.

With almost 1 million followers gained on the platform in 2023, GermanGarmendia is now the 239th most followed channel but with this rate of growth we can expect him to break into the top 100 by the end of the year.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

6. ElMariana – 950,022 followers gained

Just behind GermanGarmendia with 950,022 followers gained in 2023 is ElMariana. Real name Osvaldo Palacios Flores, he is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber and TikToker who is Mexican but currently lives in Monterrey.

He gained viral recognition playing Call Of Duty: Warzone and plays a range of games such as Minecraft, Resident Evil 4, Roblox, Sons of the Forest, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto.

He has gained over 950,000 followers on Twitch in 2023 but would be considerably more popular on TikTok where he has over 20 million likes from posting gameplay clips.

Despite this, ElMariana remains one of the most popular content creators on Twitch with 7.34 million followers – ranking 16th.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

7. Jhdelacruz777 – 914,458 followers gained

Since joining Twitch, Jhdelacruz777 has shot to fame and gained over 900,000 followers in 2023. The Colombian influencer’s main focus is religion and spirituality and makes videos talking about God.

His famous phrase is ‘what a blessing you see’. He has been creating content on social networks for years and has multiple hashtags which have gone viral – such as #NoAlBullying, #NoALaGroseria, #SiAlSaludo and #NoAlPack.

He participated in the Squid Craft Games 2, based on the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Everything is developed on a Minecraft server and the participants, around 200 streamers, face a series of tests that result in a single winner with a huge cash prize.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023
Jhdelacruz777 (left)

8. Shadoune666 –882,636 followers gained

Gabriel Marolt Perez, better known as Shadoune666, is a 27-year-old French streamer. He is bilingual and also speaks Spanish and English, with a distinct and recognisable accent. He mainly streams Minecraft and plays minigames such as Skywars.

He is the 8th quickest growing Twitch channel of 2023 and quit his job during the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue a full-time career in streaming. He collaborates with other content creators like Crisgreen, Conterstine, Farfadox and RubikYT.

With over 1.7 millon followers in total, Shadoune666 is the 203rd biggest on Twitch.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

9. Roier – 851,497 followers gained

Roier is a Mexican streamer who is best known for playing games like Fortnite and has amassed over 207 million views over his social channels. The 21-year-old shot to fame from his gameplay clips of Among Us, Roblox and Poppy Playtime.

He has been watched on Twitch for over 5.8 million hours with an average of 15,561 viewers and a peak of 300,741 in 2023. His Minecraft streams are the most popular, averaging 26,596 viewers alongside Grand Theft Auto V (15,344) and Resident Evil 4 (14,804).

With almost 1.6 million total followers, Roier remains outside of the top 200 biggest channels on the platform but at his current rate of growth he will only continue to climb up the rankings.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

10. Juansguarnizo – 764,912 followers gained

Juansguarnizo, real name Juan Sebastian Guarnizo Algarra, is a Colombian YouTuber, streamer, vlogger and rapper. With over 750,000 followers gained so far this year, he ranks as the 9th most followed on Twitch.

He became the first Latin American to reach 10,000 subscriptions on the platform and also writes books, earning a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The 26-year-old is a talented graphic designer and lives in Monterrey.

He is married to fellow popular streamer Ari Gameplays and often collaborates with DED on his YouTube channel. His sports streams average 55,500 viewers with a peak of 202,503.

His Minecraft streams are also very popular, averaging 35,433 viewers alongside Grand Theft Auto V (22,610), Hogwarts Legacy (25,692), Call of Duty: Warzone (22,990) and Fortnite (25,318).

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

11. TheGrefg – 735,990 followers gained

David Canovas Martinez, better known as TheGrefg or Grefg, is a Spanish YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is also the 7th most followed channel on the platform with 11.3 million.

He used to hold the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent viewers in a Twitch stream, reaching a peak of 2,468,668 during the live presentation of his own Fortnite skin on 11 January 2021. However, the record was later broken by Ibai Llanos in 2022 with 3.3 million tuning into ‘La velada del ano 2’.

In October 2020, Forbes Spain included Grefg as the 6th top influencer in the country and was included in a cover of the magazine in April 2021.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

12. Ibai – 697,281 followers gained

Ibai is a Spanish Twitch streamer and former content creator for G2 Esports who now co-owns esports team KOI which competes in League of Legends tournaments.

The 28-year-old from Bilbao, Basque Country, is the fourth-most followed channel on Twitch with 13 million and also plays Valorant and Teamfight Tactics.

He also has a ‘Calmly Chatting’ show which has featured guests like soccer stars Gerard Pique, Andres Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Aguero and Sergio Ramos as well as musician Ed Sheeran.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

13. QuackityToo – 693,143 followers gained

QuackityToo, better known as ‘Alex’ or ‘Quackity’ is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for making a vast range of content including Discord talent shows and raids on popular games like Minecraft, Roblox, Habbo and Club Penguin.

In October 2022, he was nominated for Streamer of the Year at the 12th Streamy Awards and was born in Mexico. Quackity averages 51,602 viewers per stream and has been live playing Minecraft for over 213 hours on Twitch.

The 22-year-old has over 4 million Twitch followers, ranking as the 53rd biggest on the platform.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

14. Auronplay – 654,832 followers gained

Spaniard AuronPlay, 34, is the third-most subscribed YouTuber in Spain with almost 30 million and has the second-most followed Twitch channel on the planet with over 14.7 million followers.

His top played games on Twitch are Sons of the Forest, Contraband Police, Until Dawn and Grand Theft Auto V. In April 2021 he participated in Marbella Vice, a server with the same theme as the roleplay created by Ibai, which was one of the most watched events on Twitch.

He is not without controversy, however. In February 2023, AuronPlay, real name Raul Alvarez Genes, announced he would be taking an extended break from content production. He, along with his girlfriend and a number of other Twitter users, were accused of harassing the mother of Yeremi Vargas, a 7-year-old boy who disappeared in March 2007 whilst playing in a lot in Gran Canaria.

Alvarez later apologised for his behaviour and denied a series of other accusations that he had exchanged sexual messages with minors earlier in his career. He was also notified of a criminal complaint made by soccer team Barcelona’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu for joking about the resignation of star player Neymar.

The Spanish justice rejected Bartomeu’s complaint and he reconciled with AuronPlay at the Camp Nou in December 2019.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

15. AriGameplays – 608,304 followers gained

AriGameplays, real name Abril Abdamari Garza Alonso, is a Mexican streamer, YouTuber, TikToker and glamour model with the 15th fastest growing Twitch channel of 2023.

She is the 27th most-followed channel globally and the third most-followed female on Twitch. She has also been embroiled in controversy with Panamanian streamer Windy Girk who accused her of ‘stream sniping’ to harm her on a Fortnite sever.

Girk followed up the drama by accusing Alonso of ‘using bots to report her social media’ which in turn deleted her posts, videos and streams.

AriGameplays is married to Juan Guarnizo, who is also featured in this list at number 10.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

16. Rubius – 589,971 followers gained

Rubius is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber and streamer on Twitch who has the most subscribers in Spain and is in the top 50 globally. In 2016, Time magazine included him in its list of ‘next generation leaders’ and named him as an ‘online conqueror’.

In 2018, he reached a world record of live viewers on YouTube when streaming Fortnite. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, owning the third-most-followed channel in the world with 14 million.

Previously streaming on YouTube, Rubius made the switch to Twitch in 2018. He was criticised in 2021 for announcing on stream that he was moving to Andorra to live closer to his friends and avoid the public recognition that existed when living in Madrid. This was seen as controversial as several YouTubers and streamers had taken this initiative due to the lower tax burden there.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

17. Carreraaa – 512,590 followers gained

Carreraaa, better known by real name Rodrigo Carrera, is an Argentine Twitch streamer who has gained over 500,000 followers on the platform in 2023. This year, he has averaged 12,675 viewers with a peak of 54,621.

He also streams The Last of Us Part 1, Minecraft, Detroit: Become Human, Fortnite, Roblox, Gartic Phone, Golf It!, and Hogwarts Legacy. He streams for an average of 3 hours and 4 mins at a time and has streamed for 43 hours and 35 minutes in the last month.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

18. MissaSanfonia – 493,163 followers gained

MissaSanfonia, real name Angel Missael Castaneda Vega, is a Mexican YouTuber and Twitch streamer who currently resides in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa. His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda saga and he is the 205th biggest channel on Twitch.

He averages over 10,000 viewers every stream and plays games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Sons of the Forest, Fortnite and Gartic Phone. 60.4% of his streams are playing Minecraft, compared to 24.7% ‘Just Chatting’.

Vega has been watched for over 621,000 hours in the last 30 days with a peak viewership of 38,882.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

19. Robleis – 492,449 followers gained

Robleis, real name Tomas Arbillaga, is an Argentine YouTuber and Twitch streamer and ranked 340th on the platform. He plays a variety of games such as Rocket League, Minecraft and Phasmophobia as well as Resident Evil 4, Subnautica, Roblox and Fortnite.

In the last 30 days, he has amassed over 605,000 hours watched with a peak viewership of 14,618 and average of 4,444. He streams almost daily but has been subject to some criticism for allegedly copying the work of HolaSoyGerman.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

20. Jynxzi – 469,328 followers gained

Jynxzi is a Twitch streamer best known for playing NBA 2K, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and more. The 22-year-old is from Washington in the United States and has collaborated with the likes of Kai Cenat, Tubbo, RanbooLive and Adin Ross.

His most popular game is Six Siege where he averages over 7,000 viewers and once reached a peak of 60,218. He also plays FIFA 23, averaging 3,835 viewers and has also streamed playing online poker.

Kai Cenat Tops List Of The 20 Fastest Growing Twitch Streamers In 2023

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