Jose Mourinho comments on the timing of Rodgers’ Celtic exit


Jose Mourinho has revealed that Brendan Rogers should have waited until the summer before making the move to Leicester City.

The former Celtic boss joined the Foxes last month and the timing of his exit has hurt the fans.

Rodgers was close to winning the title before his left and many believe that his departure at this stage of the season will damage some of his legacy.

Mourinho explained that he is not surprised that Rodgers has chosen to leave, especially because of the lure of the Premier League.

However, the timing was not right and Rodgers should have asked Leicester City to wait until pre-season.

The former Manchester United boss says that he would have waited for the season to finish before leaving if he was in a similar position.

He said: “Celtic is a giant club but the Premier League is the Premier League so I’m not surprised. If I was in his position, I would say to Leicester ‘I want to come to you but not now. I want to come to you next season, I want to be champion in Scotland and I want to leave in the right moment and the right moment is in pre-season’.”

Celtic fans will love what Mourinho has just said about Rodgers’ exit.

The Portuguese manager’s comments certainly make a lot of sense. The way Rodgers left was disrespectful to a club like Celtic. Also, it could have damaged the team’s momentum and confidence.

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