Jonny Evans on Didier Drogba

When I saw this in real-time I missed the first incident and only saw Drogba writhing on the floor. I was worried for a few seconds; regardless of Drogba’s antics you don’t want to see a professional footballer badly injured and I was worried he had suffered a spinal injury or something that could keep him out of the game for a long period of time.

But then all the Chelsea players walked away from him, seemingly unconcerned with his fate. The replays showed that he wasn’t faking it (he had the wind knocked out of him at the very least) although he did milk the collision, and the yellow card he received was unjust.

Last year United fans were complaining about Ronaldo’s reputation getting the better of him, it happens with Drogba as well.

From the United-Chelsea game on Sunday (incident photos after the jump).

and then afterwards:

This wasn’t a penalty, or at least not as much of a penalty as Terry’s move at the opposite end of the pitch (for the record, neither incident merited a penalty). But in all the hustle and bustle of the game, the Drogba and Terry incidents and the parties involved (the young v the old) highlighted what was at stake in the game.

If anyone has the gif / video clip from the Terry incident, please share in the comments.

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