Jake Paul Makes Double Or Nothing Bet With Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Boxing Bloody Face
Jake Paul Boxing Bloody Face

Jake Paul will take on Tommy Fury this Sunday at Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia this Sunday, but the fireworks began early in the pre-fight press conference on Thursday.

Paul comes into this fight with an undefeated record, having gone up against Nate Robinson, three MMA fighters, and a fellow influencer. He has never lacked in confident swagger, and that showed up during the tabled discussion between the two.

Jake Paul Makes Deal With Tommy Fury Regarding Fight Purse

After a convincing speech from Fury, the YouTuber-turned-boxer decided to up the ante and make a deal. If Fury won, Paul would double his payout. If Paul won, then Fury would leave with nothing. He played on the overt confidence that Fury showed just moments before, but there was no response to the offer at first, aside from a smile

But when the two stood up and continued their verbal sparring, Fury’s father decided to chime in. Sitting at the end of the table behind his son, John Fury was tired of someone in the audience pestering Tommy to respond to the bet. John accepted it on his behalf, after which Tommy, seemingly begrudgingly, crossed the stage to shake Paul’s hand and accept the deal.

All or nothing.

Who Is Favored?

As it stands today, Paul is the favorite in the contest. He is listed at -155, but Fury isn’t too far behind. He is 8-0 in his career as a boxer, though he has had just one fight over the last two years. The underdog currently sits at +135. While both fighters sport undefeated records, they are both rather raw in their early-career abilities, and bettors may be playing off of their fame rather than their skill. Paul has the millions of followers on social media, and Fury has one of the premier last names in combat sports.

The fight will be a long time in the making. Fury has had to pull out of two previously scheduled arrangements, the first due to injury, and the second because of travel and visa issues. Big names will be in attendance, including Mike Tyson, who already put his two cents in about the matchup. “I don’t think he’ll be able to beat Jake Paul,” Tyson said of Fury. “Jake Paul is getting better and better as he fights, and I don’t know if they brought him over here to lose.”

The bout will take place at 2PM ET on Sunday, during prime time in Saudi Arabia.

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