Is Robert Lewandowski the only solution for Chelsea and Manchester City?

Chelsea Transfer
Chelsea Transfer

Cavani. Lewandowski. Cavani. Again Lewandowski. Back to Cavani. Again link with Lewandowski. Break for few days. Rooney sandwiched in between. Manchester City. Chelsea. Again Cavani. Again Lewandowski.


The cycle goes on and on. The rumour wheel rotates on and on. And Cavani and Lewandowski continues to grab back page headlines on and on because there are hardly any other spicy stories left to write now. Or, may be there is a genuine dearth of world-class striker in the transfer market right now.

That’s how the transfer window is shaping up at the moment. Manchester City and Chelsea are both fighting around for the same targets. Both of them have earmarked Napoli’s Edinson Cavani and Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski as their prime targets this summer.

Manchester United were linked with both of them at some of time but it seems like they are slowly becoming a silent party here. So, it is left with Chelsea and Manchester City to fight among themselves.

We all understand that transfer market can be highly volatile and here unpredictability is the order of the day, but, in this case, it is very much predictable.

Edinson Cavani gave an interview yesterday where he said that he “loves Napoli” and all the rumours that are circulating about him, are untrue.

In an indirect way, he simply closed his options of moving to Chelsea. Unless the Blues activate his buy-out clause, it is highly unlikely that Napoli would do any negotiation with the London club.

Manchester City have tried the same route before. They even offered player-plus-cash deal but were given the same answer by the Serie A club.

So, all rejections are pointing towards only one solution – Robert Lewandowski. It doesn’t need any rocket science to understand that the Polish striker would be linked with both the clubs again. It was only just a matter of time.

Only yesterday, it was reported in The Mirror that Man City “are ready to renew their interest” in the striker while they have ruled out a move for Cavani.

According to the reports from The Mirror today, Chelsea “will go all out to sign Robert Lewandowski” if they don’t get Cavani. They would pay £25million for the 24-year-old, who has only one year left on his contract while would tempt him to be a part of Stamford Bridge revolution with a £170,000 per week wage packages.

Don’t be surprised if you hear in coming days that Manchester City have lodged a bid for Cavani, yet again. And if they suffer rejection again, then like Chelsea they would also probably go “all out to sign” the Pole striker. Yet again.

Is Lewandowski the only realistic solution to end the strike woes of both Chelsea and City? Two fishermen but only one Big fish to catch for…

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