Ian Holloway joins Football Manager

Today sees a world first as one of the most famous faces in football management, Ian Holloway, becomes football’s only virtual manager allowing anyone to call upon his expertise, quirks and quips in a series of managerial pep talks.

The Blackpool FC boss, affectionately known as ‘Ollie’, has been signed by Football Manager 2010, the most successful football management simulation, to be immortalised on the World Wide Web where he will provide exclusive advice with his own, unique brand of genius.

Whether you’re looking for the hairdryer treatment, words of wisdom, an encouraging chat or honest words of disappointment, they can all be found on the Football Manager website where Ian literally comes to life on-screen. Check out www.footballmanager.com for more information and choose how Ian talks to you.

Ian Holloway, fresh from leading Blackpool’s charge into the English Football League Championship Play-offs, comments:
“I’ve got plenty of years experience in football management so hopefully I’ll be able to pass on some valuable words of wisdom.”

This is Football Manager’s second major signing of the season after Harry Redknapp gave in-depth advice to one lucky fan. The game already crosses over into real-life football with clubs using the database to research players, to buy or check out opponents, and Everton FC took it one step further last year by officially signing the games database, researched by a huge global scouting network, as part of their backroom management team.

Miles Jacobson, Studio director at Sports Interactive comments, “Olly’s quotes have become legendary in the real football world, so it’s great that virtual managers get the chance to be inspired by him in the same way as he inspires his players.”

It’s a nice way for SI to get PR for the game, although in terms of effective end benefits to the average user of the game, not much would change. Good luck to Ollie and FM.

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