How now, Adriano?

I do not deny that I’m a great fan of the Brazilian. For me, he epitomizes what the modern day striker should be, technically competent, big, fast and strong. Adriano’s aerial power, coupled with his strength, pace and dribbling skills make him a terrifyingly complete striker and if given the opportunity and good luck, there is every chance that one day, he too, can become a Brazilian legend and join the ranks of Pele and Romario.

Unfortunately, that all seems very unlikely now. Ever since the death of his father, Adriano has been a shadow of his former self. Like Darth Vader without his powers of the Force, Adriano is a footballer without the passion and drive. I sympathize with what Adriano is going through and I know it is unfair to compare, but look at Cristiano Ronaldo. The way Ronaldo bounced back from his father’s death was admirable and an inspiration to all. On the other hand, there is the hulking Brazilian, who sadly, is still struggling to come to terms with his father’s death, even though it has already been a year.

Recently, Adriano has been sent back to Brazil to undergo “psychophysical training” in hopes to rediscover his form. He is expected to return to Inter at the start of next year. However, recent news suggests that he is fed up with Inter and might even move to Sao Paulo, who are reportedly interested in acquiring him on a loan deal. In retaliation, his agent has declared that there no is way Adriano will ever move to a Brazilian club. This conflict of statements from him and his agent seem to suggest that all is not well and I can see why. On one hand, Moratti claims that the club is behind him all the way, and on the other, Inter refused to register him for the Champions League and furthermore, have constantly left him out of games. As we speak, Adriano is now Inter’s fifth choice striker, behind Ibrahimovic, Crespo, Suazo and Cruz.

Now Adriano is no fool. I cannot name a fifth choice striker at any club who has managed to break into the first team. Adriano himself would have a hard time trying to name one as well. Surely he knows where he stands in the scheme of the things and even if the rehabilitation does go well, I’m confident that he will soon put on the jersey of another club. It is only a matter of time. The only question then is, for how much and where?

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