Honestly, City Are Saving The Premier League

Since Sheik Mansour took ownership of Manchester City in 2008 there has a been a lot of negative press aimed at the East land’s club. Since then they have spent millions upon millions on players left, right, and center. They even made ridiculous claims that they were going to sign Fernando Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas back in 2008.

A lot of people associated with football, whether they’re managers (Sir Alex), pundits or fans alike, all have been launching scathing attacks on the way City have gone about their business, this Chelsea fan even had a go at them, you know something is wrong if a Chelsea fan is having a go for a club spending money!

As a Manchester United fan I have a disdain towards Manchester City, which is growing with more hatred every year. However with a forced smile I have to admit that I’m not against Manchester City’s spending. Let’s face it, they’re not the first club to do it and they probably won’t be the last.

In 1993 Manchester United were breaking the English transfer records every year on players like Roy Keane, Andy Cole and in more recent years 30 million on the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. Blackburn spent big money on players like Alan Shearer, Graeme Le Saux and Kevin Gallacher under the ownership of Jack Walkers.

Also, Newcastle spent millions on players like Alan Shearer, David Ginola and Faustino Asprilla. Recently before the millions inherited by City we had the Chelsea era. Where a certain man from Russian transformed the club from a team who were dark horses for the league every season to European juggernauts of the modern game. Everybody is a hater until their club is taken over.

Honestly, City Are Saving The Premier League

I don’t agree in where the game is going towards money. However, if the Premier League is going to maintain its status as a ‘superpower’ of the footballing world, then we need clubs like City spending millions. Otherwise the Premiership becomes too predictable. Every year for the last few years you would have had bet your house that the top four would be Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, it was just the order you wouldn’t have been sure of.

This year besides Manchester United and Chelsea you would have to be a brave man to put money on a club finishing in the top four.

That is the impact Manchester City have made. They have made the league more exciting, they are forcing the likes of Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal to up their game if they’re going to finish in the top four. Exactly what Chelsea did to Manchester United, The Red Devils had to up their game and come back bigger and better to win the title.

Long gone were the days that 79 points could win you the league. Which made the premiership more exciting after people were becoming sick of the United-Arsenal monopoly.

In the last few years the quality of players of the Premiership from the top sides have gone down hill. Manchester United lost Ronaldo, Liverpool lost Xabi Alonso and soon Javier Mascherano, Arsenal have lost Hleb and Flamini and Chelsea have lost Ricardo Carvalho and Michael Ballack.

Honestly, City Are Saving The Premier League

So for Manchester City to attract players like Balotelli, David Silva, Robinho (I know he proved to be a flop but he did give us plenty to talk about), Kolorav and Yaya Toure it only adds to the excitement of the league. Let’s face it, how many neutrals had an eye on Manchester City v Liverpool this weekend?

A few years ago it would have been as an easy victory for Liverpool, but now it’s one of the most exciting games of the season. The Manchester Derby is becoming one of the most watched derby games in recent years, and much more entertaining. The game at Old Trafford last year was one the best games I’d ever seen, and one of the most enjoyable. Also, the atmosphere was breathtaking.

Also to the claims they’re stopping the progress of English players, they currently have four of the brightest prospects for England in their squad, with James Milner, Joe Hart, Micah Richards and Adam Johnson. Also with the new 25-man squad rule Manchester City’s spending is going to benefit a lot of clubs in the Premiership and Championship (Bellamy to Cardiff is one example).

So Manchester City’s spending has benefited the Premier League. So all this talk about them destroying the game is rubbish. Real Madrid spent 80 million on Ronaldo last year, Barcelona spent 40 million on Ibrahimovic and also gave Inter Eto’o and they also wanted to give them Hleb!

So as long as La Liga is spending money, if the Premiership wants to remain the best league in the world, then it has to too, until the day FIFA wakes up and puts a transfer cap on both transfer fees and wages for every country.

So everyone get off Manchester City’s back, they’re making the Premiership much more exciting.

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