Football News Roundup – October 11

What you might have missed today:

West Ham United on sale for 75 mil

West Ham are under takeover speculation again – this time an Icelandic businessman wants in, although the evaluation of 75 mil (which includes debts of 20-21 mil) may put prospective suitors off. The arrival of Mascherano and Tevez was supposed to spark a strong run in the Premiership but so far West Ham have gone in the opposite direction, and their poor form is one reason investors could be hesitant from making the leap of faith.

West Ham have far too much quality to be relegated, but as the old saying goes the game is not played on paper and they need to start showing their quality in terms of results.

Hargreaves back in transfer picture

Owen Hargreaves expects to be back in playing form by November as he works on his fitness and recovery. A timely return if he still wants to secure a move to the Premiership, as there are rumours that Bayern are after Emre.

Joey, Joey, show us ya arse

Joey Barton gets a 2K fine for showing his rear-end to his adoring Manchester City fans – surely that is far less than punching an Everton fan while on tour in the Far East, a scuffle with then-captain Richard Dunne and poking lit cigars into the eyes of his teammates. In comparison to his previous misdemeaours, this is positively harmless. Don’t know why Everton fans had to be stopped by police, although that Far East punchup might have something to do with it.

Apparently Everton fans wrote in to the police and FA showing a rare level of ‘understanding’ for Barton – nice, but that kind of misses the point, doesn’t it? Why are we raising a fuss about Barton dropping his shorts when Zokora dives and the whole world knows about it yet no one fines him?

You’d never imagine female footballers mooning the fans, now would you? On second thought…

Drogba knows his worth

He’s not particularly smart (remember the incident when Drogba, off the field due to a knock, saunters back on and gets a touch on the ball without even the ref’s permission? or when he said he had to dive sometimes?), but he does think a lot of himself and lately his form and goals have matched his self-esteem.

Drogba was promised a contract re-negotiation by Chelsea if he stayed in the summer and while talks are ongoing, they are stalling because Drogba wants to be paid as much as the top players at the club. No problems for Chelsea, but when will this money-cycle stop?

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