Football Goes Crazy

Stamford Bridge 3.00 pm – Everton go to league Leaders Chelsea where the home team have only conceded 1 league goal all season.

Stamford Bridge 4.50 pm – Everton and Chelsea take place in a heartstopping 3-3 draw, which puts it up there in the matches-of-the-season category. Then why are the boos so deafening?

I don’t know why i was shocked to hear the loud discontent of the supporters, as you hear it after every game, but I was.

Maybe the poor Chelsea fans had every right to boo their team, maybe it would make some sense to me if I wore blue. After all, like Liverpool aren’t they in a period of “crisis” and “meltdown”. They can’t even beat Everton, for shame!

Yes! the goals Chelsea gave away were poor. Yes! They are in a little bad run of form. Yes! Any team worth £250 million or whatever it is should deliver all the time as stated by the laws of the Tesco Value range.

But they also came up against Everton. That’s right Everton, a team who have firmly established themselves as one of the good-but-not so good teams in recent years, and by virtue of their overall league form they are at the top of that particular tree.

But they’re struggling? Yes but they are still the same team as they have been all this time, no doubt their position is the result of a crippling injury list.

To hear that reaction, you would think that Chelsea have blown their title chances drawing at home to Hull (apologies to Hull, but you still aren’t established).

I expect that reaction from a Liverpool match, not a team 3 points ahead in the title race.

When the top team in the division draws with a team who have finished in the top 6 3 years on the trot and they get booed out of the proverbial building, yes football is truly mental these days!

But I love it! My beloved Blackburn beat the Chelski on penalties to actually have a chance of doing something this season, it was good to see Man City beat Chelsea, a team from Cyprus – drawing 2-2 in England – What? Ah fair play I suppose!

Blues have only lost 1 out of 4 in the standard 90 minutes. Not the end of the world is it?

Have to say, I’m enjoying the big teams not having it all their own way. Look at Villa, they have now beaten Chelsea, Pool and United and now sit in third.

Spurs are electrifying and can flatten certain teams with ease, yet still seem to display that self-destructive factor we all love so dearly.

Liverpool are the new Newcastle, all that’s missing is relegation. Maybe one or two years?

And with City only having lost once thus far, who can say they aren’t genuine contenders? (really!)

Yes, everything seems to have gone topsy turvy across the country, and football has lost it’s mind.

Maybe it’s for the best 🙂

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