Football blogging – taking a step back.

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This week is going to be (has been) really tough on me – something you might have noticed by the lack of posting since Monday afternoon.

While I’ve been itching to get back into Soccerlens mode, I simply cannot do that before next week. I would have posted news summaries but you can read all the bullshit from BBC Football (who have started mentioning baseless rumours with almost as much abandon as EatSleepSport – shocking, I know).

And if you’re wondering – here’s my take on the news for the last couple of days…

Madrid and Bayern will not bid more than 11 mil for Ruud, and according to my recent Bayern Munich – Ruud post, Manchester United have put a figure of 12 mil on his head. Madrid have put 10.3 mil on the table today, while Bayern are apparently stuck below 10.

Now that Milan are back in the Champions League they are screaming at Real Madrid for trying to poach Kaka and look set to bring in Crespo from Chelsea.

Chelsea? Rich bastards will probably buy Ashley Cole for 20 mil.

Juve? Poor bastards.

Arsenal? Bastards.

Liverpool? Benitez has made all the shrewd signings, but will his team hold up when Manchester United turn it on next season? Well, assuming that we do something like that…

Madrid? Buy someone already, you idiots.

And Manchester United? Gattuso and Pirlo are off the list, but United are still chasing Vieira. If that turns into a dead-end Hargreaves is next, Because United do not want to be fleeced over Carrick. At least I’m hoping that Hargreaves is next.

Seeing the actual bids for Ruud makes me realise that maybe Tottenham are not asking that much for Carrick. Media hype again.

And because I couldn’t blog about this in detail, here’s my pick for you guys (mind you, this is a couple of days old):

Why Ronaldinho Bombed In Germany, Or Why I Love The Sun

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