FM Scout

So FM Scout. Is it outright cheating or simply just a gentle nudge in the direction of success on Football Manager?  The FM community are undoubtedly split on their opinions and judgment of the widely supported application but there can be no arguments berating the fact that FM Scout is an interesting and clever little Football Manager add-on.

What’s it all about then? Well for those of you that have never heard of FM Scout, where on earth have you been the last few years?! As the slogan goes on the official website, FM Scout intends to be your assistant manager, helping you improve your skills in the popular Football Manager series.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? So where does the suggestion of cheating come into play? Well with FM Scout you effectively wipe out the need for an in-game scouting team. By loading up a saved game within the FM Scout utility, the world of Football Manager effectively becomes your oyster.

The variety of little perks at your disposal include the ability to player search by all possible criteria, a calculation of a player’s current and potential ability and FM Scout can even pick an optimal squad for your team if you so wish.

Scouting utilities have been doing the rounds since the Championship Manager days with CM Agent and CM Scout, later developing into Michael Nygreen’s FM Scout. These days FM Scout goes by the name of FM Genie Scout with Eugene Tarabanovsky the brains behind the latest version.

Whether you consider FM Scout as cheating or not, head over to the official site for more information on the utility and its affiliates.

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