Diego Costa fan of…Porn?

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Chelsea vs Arsenal

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa is not only a good striker but also he is a fascinating character. His biography Diego Costa: The Art of War depicts the hardship he has gone through in his life to become one of Premier League’s best striker. 

Sam Wallace of The Independent has shared some interesting stories about Costa – his upbringing, early days in his footballing career, misdemeanours at Albacete, the team joker – which gives a glimpse about the person he is. 

There are some funny stories as well, for instance, he was once confronted by a neighbour over the volume of his television, when he and his friends were watching pornography! 

Vicente Ferre de la Rosa, an administrator at the club, on the complaints from one of Costa’s neighbours: “On one occasion they [Costa and friends] had a porn movie blaring out and the poor woman came down to tell them to turn the volume down. ‘What’s the matter? Don’t you like making love?’ a wide-eyed Costa asked her sweetly.”

I wish there were guys out there ready with a ‘Vine’ to record that…well what to say…awkward confrontation.

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