Soccerlens Daily – Newcastle United v Steven Taylor v Debt, Chelsea’s troubles with Greeks and Grant, and more

Fun, fun weekend, eh? Hmmmm…tomorrow I’ll be previewing the midweek Champions League fixtures, so keep a lookout for that.

Today though, we have a quick roundup:

1. Teddy Sheringham to retire

…and to take up a career as a professional gambler to put his sharp brain to good use. Or maybe not. Which WAG was he banging recently (or not so recently)?

2. Chelsea v Tottenham, round #4032

Is this true?

In any case, Chelsea’s players made a thumping comeback from their final defeat while Tottenham, against easier opposition, were hung over and were easily swatted aside. So much for ‘moving forward’ and ‘dawn of a new era’ and other bullshit headlines spread around last week.

3. Taylor doesn’t want Newcastle to muck about

Apparently the Newcastle United board are not as daft as we think they are. They’ve refused to negotiate a new contract with Stuart Steven Taylor so far, mainly (presumably) because they don’t value him the same way Taylor values himself.

But this has Taylor pissed:

“I have been mucked about in the past and have kept my mouth shut. For things to have dragged on this long is a joke.

I get on great with Kevin, but I think it is the people upstairs who don’t rate me. I won’t be mucked about. I just want this sorted out.

The longer I hear nothing from the club the more I fear they want to sell me.

If there is no offer on the table by the summer then I will have no choice but to look at my options.”

He wants more money, and if he’s good enough, why not give it to him? If he’s not…well, then, sell him.

4. Newcastle’s finances

One reason why Newcastle United may not be eager to foot the wages of a young defender who thinks a lot of himself: their financial situation.

This is last season’s, but damn, they have money troubles or what? And this article doesn’t even mention the exorbitant wage bill that Newcastle foots. It’s going to be a long and arduous road for Ashley, and if Newcastle get relegated, well, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.

They did make 6.7m from the FA for Owen’s injury, but they paid him a bit more than that, didn’t they?

5. Manchester United v Benzema

Or at least that’s how the media are billing it. A good profile in the Guardian today, although a lot of it is fluff.

6. Chelsea v Greek Fans

Chelsea are worried about Olympiakos fans making their way into the home support section and then causing trouble. More than they’re worried about Olympiakos on the pitch, which basically tells you the whole story right there.

7. Goal Video

How can you not admire this?

8. Texas Pro Soccer Fest

SL editor Eddie Griffin will be covering the event. Am chuffed that we have someone there, and hopefully it’s the start of something great both for SL and for Eddie.

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