Chelsea staff plan legal action against Mourinho, hearing on Friday


Chelsea medical staff, Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn are thought to be planning on taking legal action against Jose Mourinho, if the pair are not reinstated on the bench soon.

Mourinho banished the duo from the Chelsea bench indefinitely because of the infamous bust up during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Swansea.

Carneiro, who is a doctor at Chelsea, was criticised heavily by the Chelsea manager, following her decision to attend Eden Hazard on the pitch, after the Belgian had gone down due to a challenge.

According to Mourinho, it was naive of her to leave the team with less players on the pitch in the closing minutes of the game.

Jose believes that Hazard’s knock was minor and that he would have shaken it off eventually. But Carneiro’s mistake could have cost them a point, said the Portuguese.

Mourinho said: “Even if you are a kit man, a doctor or a secretary on the bench, you have to understand the game. I was sure he hadn’t a serious problem.

“He was very tired but my medical department, on an impulse, was naïve and left me with eight outfield players on a counter-attack.”

Fearn, the first-team physio and Carneiro are not expecting a formal apology from Mourinho, but want him to reinstate them on the Chelsea bench this weekend. The pair have lodged their case and the FIFA’s medical committee will review it this Friday.

Queen’s counsel, Mary O’Rourke said:  “The medical team did nothing wrong because their duty was to the player as their patient. Their job in the club is to look after the players, not to run the team and be tactically aware.

“The courts of appeal have confirmed that the medical team owe a duty to the player to look after him as a patient. If you have a manager barring them from coming on, you are preventing them doing the duty they are obliged to do.”

It will be interesting to see how this pans out and if Mourinho is forced to swallow his pride and reinstate the duo this weekend. Chelsea have started the season poorly and with the Blues travelling to Goodison this week, the turmoil could continue on and off the pitch.

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