Chelsea star dismisses exit talk: ‘There was no reason to look for a new challenge’

fbl eng pr chelsea norwich
fbl eng pr chelsea norwich

Antonio Rudiger has denied that he urged Chelsea’s board to sack Frank Lampard as manager.

There have also been accusations regarding his relationships with captain Cesar Azpilicueta and some of the club’s academy players.

Speaking to The Athletic, the 27-year-old described the rumours as ‘nonsense’ and dismissed claims that he wanted to leave the club.

“Just to make this clear – I would have stayed at Chelsea no matter the name of the manager,” Rudiger said.

“I was not always happy about the results, but I felt that I’m still an important part of the squad.

“After a difficult situation for me around autumn last year my playing time increased a lot.

“There was no reason to look for a new challenge for me, as I feel comfortable at the club and in London.

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Only Rudiger and the Chelsea board will know the truth regarding whether he had any input into Lampard’s sacking.

However, his comments smack of someone who has embarked on a public relations exercise to save face.

Speaking to the media has all the hallmarks of damage limitation in an attempt to disassociate himself with any role in Lampard’s dismissal.

Chelsea have long had a reputation for being a club where player power runs rife, and it would be no surprise if this was the case during Lampard’s time in charge.

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