Chelsea plan a trip up China’s whaazoo

As I discussed earlier, Chelsea’s move to China is part of their great plan to be the best and biggest club in the world by 2014.

It’s a goal based on their belief that they can buy their way to success.

I’ve got nothing against that – hell, if I had that much money I’d plan the same thing (albeit do things a bit differently).

Now Chelsea have a four-year deal with the Asian Football Federation that allows them to pump money into China to produce a rabid army of Chinese Chelsea fans…

Oh wait, that’s not it.

The article says:

Under the four-year agreement the Premiership champions will sponsor and aid the development of the AFC’s grass-roots programmes in China.

And then AFC president Mohamed bin Hammam is quoted as saying:

“This is not a business relationship. It’s more of a development partnership. The AFC will benefit greatly from this and I don’t expect that Chelsea will benefit financially from this agreement.”

This is clearly a man on drugs. In fact, he has drugs stuffed so far up his twat that … ok, let’s not go there.

On one hand we have Chelsea saying that they want to be the #1 club in the world by 2014, and part of that strategy involves investing in China to build their fan base.

Fans buy merchandise. Big fanbase = lotsa money. Big fanbase = big sponsorships. Big sponsorships = lotsa money.

Lotsa money + lotsa money = … You do the math.

And someone please tell me what Hammam is on, I want me a piece of it as well.

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