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Best Mascots in College Football | Who are the Top 5 Mascots in NCAA Football?

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They are part of the Saturday tradition. Whether they are a real-life animal or some goofy human in a costume, our favorite college team has a mascot of sorts. But who are the best mascots in college football? Fear not, we have you covered with our list of the top five mascots in NCAA football.

SPOILER ALERT: Cover boy, Big Red of Western Kentucky just missed out.

5. Lobo Louie and Lucy (New Mexico Lobos)

new mexico mascot

This was a close run thing for our number five entry to the best mascots in college football. Mr. & Mrs. Wuf of North Carolina State could not quite beat out Lobo Louie and Lucy of New Mexico.

The dangling tongue of the latter was just enough to see them home and the cute couple take their place as the fifth best mascots in NCAA football.

The pair have been married since the 1980s and they are celebrated by the fans who cheer,

“Everyone’s a Lobo, WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!”

Simply adorable.

4. Howl and Scarlet (Arkansas State Red Wolves)

howl and scarlet 1

Arkansas State changed their names from the ‘Indians’ to the ‘Red Wolves’ in 2008. Along with the name change came new mascots Howl and Scarlet.


Howl might be the coolest son of a gun in the state of Arkansas. On gameday, Howl will ride his custom motorcycle onto the field to the roar of thousands of fans.

But he is not in this alone. His mascot girlfriend Scarlet is also a badass and attends all the games too. We think that you will agree that they make a perfect couple and are deserving of their spot in the mascot top five list.

3. Ralphie (Colorado Buffaloes)


Ralphie is a 1,000 lbs beast that charges out at home games for the Colorado Buffaloes. Don’t tell her that though, women don’t like it when you mention their weight.

This is the sixth Ralphie and they have all been female. And much like all the women in my life, the Ralphies can’t be controlled by men. In the spring game in 2008, Ralphie V broke loose of her handlers for a few seconds before she finally had enough and decided to turn herself in.

Ralphie has a rather luxurious life. She is well cared for on her ranch and travels to the games in a custom designed trailer.

This magnificent beast is right up there with the top mascots in college football.

2. Uga (Georgia Bulldogs)


Uga is basically royalty in and around the University of Georgia. Of course he is, look at his little slobbering chops. Who’s a good boy? Uga is.

As one of the best mascots in college football, Uga, much like Ralphie, leads a life of luxury.

To get to the game, this Georgia mascot takes his own SUV with his personalized license plates. Once he’s at the game, it’s more pampering and luxury for this dawg.

Uga has his own air conditioned ‘home’ on gamedays and it’s right next to the cheerleaders. If he wants, he can sit on bags of ice and join in the cheers or just watch the game or even just take a nap.

On his days off, Uga has a suite at the UGA hotel. Our favorite Uga story is Rece Davis of ESPN fame getting booted from a Georgia hotel room. When he questioned the staff on why he was being moved from the best suite in the hotel, they simply replied, “Uga is coming.”

1. Puddles (Oregon Ducks)


Puddles might be the most famous mascot in college football, and he won the vote for our best college mascot this year. He has been around since 1940 and Oregon have a licensing agreement with Disney that allows them to base him on the most famous duck of all, Donald.

There are claims in recent times that he isn’t called Puddles. But he is called Puddles (according to us) and that’s the end of it.

Puddles has appeared in ESPN commercials but might be more famous for doing pushups whenever his team, the Oregon Ducks score.

In 2007, Puddles got himself suspended for a game. He beat the living daylights out of the Houston Cougar mascot who was mocking his pushup regiment. That’ll teach him, the Cougar we mean. That suspension was a joke, he should have been given the freedom of Oregon for this.

In fairness, the Cougar should have known better than to mess with a duck who does pushups for fun.

This duck is simply the GOAT.

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