Jose in F-Word Rant at Martinez


We thought the war of words between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and Roberto Martinez is over. John Stones has stayed with the Merseyside club, and everyone will have moved on. Wrong.

Everton fans first mocked Chelsea with the chant “Money can’t buy you Stones’ that spiced things up, and after their stunning 3-1 victory on Saturday at the Goodison Park, things took an ugly turn, with both managers apparently involved in a post-game spat.

According to reports, Martinez first addressed the press conference before Mourinho, as a result Chelsea were late in travelling back to London. Usually, the visiting manager is given the first opportunity to speak to the media.

And you don’t mess with Mourinho. It resulted in a F-word exchange between the managers which is the talk of UK media back pages.

[Courtesy@Nick Sutton; Twitter]

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