Adam Schenk Loses Valspar Championship on 18th Hole with Heavily Pregnant Wife Watching

kourtney schenk
kourtney schenk

In a stunning display of dashed hopes, Adam Schenk sought his first PGA Tour win at the Valspar Championship, only to choke on the 18th hole. Leading overnight going into Sunday’s final round, Schenk flew in his eight-month pregnant wife, Kourtney, expecting their first child, to witness what he hoped would be a career-defining moment.

Schenk’s Eight-Month Pregnat Wife Kourtney Watches Husband’s 18th Hole Collapse

Schenk entered the final round of the Valspar Championship as the +450 third favorite at top US sportsbooks. This gave him a 18.2% probability of winning, ranking him just behind Jordan Spieth and Tommy Fleetwood. Meanwhile, Taylor Moore, the eventual winner, could be backed at +1000, making him a decent underdog to the first three in the market.

With a one-shot lead over Spieth, Schenk’s odds seemed favorable, but golf can be a cruel and unpredictable game.

In an audacious move, Schenk brought in Kourtney, his heavily pregnant wife, to cheer him on. As the couple eagerly awaited the possibility of Schenk’s first PGA win, little did they know that fate had other plans.

Cue the 18th hole. Schenk, tied for the lead, hit his tee shot directly behind a tree. Unable to recover, he made a bogey that handed the win to Moore, who shot a fantastic 67 in the final round. It was Moore’s first PGA Tour win, and Schenk’s worst nightmare come true.

The tension of the final moments was enough to send anyone’s heart racing, let alone an expectant mother. One can only imagine Kourtney’s heart pounding as she watched her husband’s dream slip away, almost as if she were doing Lamaze breathing exercises in anticipation of her own big day.

From Fairy Tale to Tragic Comedy

The Schenks’ story could’ve been a fairy tale, but instead, it played out like a tragic comedy. As Schenk choked on the 18th hole, it’s a wonder that Kourtney didn’t go into labor on the spot.

In the end, Schenk may have lost the Valspar Championship, but he still gained valuable experience with his wife by his side. As the couple prepares to welcome their first child, they can find solace in the knowledge that sometimes, life’s most precious moments are born from the ashes of disappointment.

As Schenk embarks on the next chapter of his life, both as a father and a golfer, he can look back on this moment as a turning point. With Kourtney and their child as his support system, there’s no doubt that Schenk will bounce back and continue to chase his dreams on the golf course.

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