AC Milan Football Camps To Start Later This Year In Singapore

Previously, I had mentioned that AC Milan have chosen Singapore to set up a youth football base. Now, according to Channel News Asia (CNA), training camps could begin as soon as this year.

Milan have plans for 5 day football camps for children aged 6 to 16, and these camps could begin later this year. Aide Iskandar, former captain of the Singapore national team, will be the technical director. He will be aided by coaches flown in especially from Italy.

Milan’s global ambassador, Daniele Massaro, said that Milan want to reach out to fans in this part of the world, and at the same time, also give the English Premier League, a run for its money.

There are also plans for Milan Park, which is, and I quote, “a soccer-themed entertainment park with interactive games”.

CNA also noted that a replica of the Champions League trophy that Milan won last season is on display at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. It will be on display for the next two days.

Milan Park, you say? Now I’m really beginning to doubt the authenticity of this, maybe I should head down to the Grand Copthorne and see if the trophy is really there.

Background Info: For those not familiar with Singapore, building a new entertainment/theme park here is a very big deal. If there are really plans for this, it should easily make frontpage news on our local newspapers, and yet, it hasn’t.

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