A Soccerlens News Update

By now, most of you have heard about ‘Football Media’ – the network of sites we’re building. Today’s post covers the launch of two new blogs in the FM network plus an official announcement of what the network is about (and how you can join it).

1. WagSnatch – Bare Naked Footy

WagSnatch is a football celebrity gossip blog (inspired a bit by Kickette and also fueled by my penchance to post dirty pics on Soccerlens) and after having the idea float in our heads for a few months, we’ve finally started it this month. Much thanks to Roberta Striga for taking up blogging at WagSnatch.

All the dirty celeb gossip (if its footy-related, even remotely, it’s there) plus regular roundups. It’s more newsy than tabloid trash and as subtle as the name suggests. Head over, take a look and let us know what you think.

2. Football Kits Blog

After pushing football kits here until people starting getting sick of them, we’ve decided to branch out into a new blog just dedicated to football kits. Brad Barnett (of SL fame) is heading this blog at the moment, although you can expect to see other regulars from SL pop up now and then.

Right now we’re just getting started on putting up this season’s kits from the Premier League – once we’re done with that you can expect to see kits you probably wouldn’t see here on SL, and next year you’ll be able to catch all the new shirts at the football shirts blog.

For those thinking that both WS and FKB have the same design, you’re right – the design is something we’ll be updating as the month goes on – I wanted to launch the sites as quickly as possible and then tweak things as time goes on.

3. Football Media Network and Blog

Football Media (FM) is a network of football sites – we started it unofficially in June and with the launch of WagSnatch and Football Kits Blog (as well as the impending addition of several new and existing blogs into the network) I’m proud to announce that we’re now live, official and accepting submissions.

To read more about what the FM network is about and what it offers to bloggers, please read our terms here (you’re welcome to join – just read that page and pitch us a proposal using the form at the end of it). Member sites are listed in the blogroll (far right) on FM.

I also wrote a bit yesterday about the state of football blogging and how different sites were evolving in the business. Considering how anally reclusive football bloggers can be when discussing other blogs / websites, you’ll find it a good change of pace.

To keep up with the latest news on the network and also on the football blogging industry, make sure you bookmark the site and check regularly.

Feedback, suggestions, comments – all welcome.

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