3 Star Players To Avoid In FIFA 20 Career Mode

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While FIFA 20 is still a few days away from release, Electronic Arts(EA) has already published the ratings for their top 100 players in the game, which vary from some very good picks to some not so-beneficiary ones.

Indeed, they’ve somewhat overrated certain older players based on their past success, but these players are nearly guaranteed to never rise in Career Mode.

Instead, due to their age and FIFA’s tendency to drop ratings after a point, they’re bound to only drop off to create headaches for FIFA managers everywhere.

The best policy in career is to invest in youngsters and buying these older players will be a waste of money for long-term managers. So let’s look at three Star Players to avoid in career mode.

3. David Silva

So there’s no questioning why David Silva’s considered a Premier League legend and, much like Sergio Aguero, he’s also been essential towards their uprise.

The silky Spaniard still has that delightful trickery and creativity in him, but in FIFA career mode he’d soon turn into a liability.

Rumoured to move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami side after his City contract expires next season, the 33-year-old has the rating and maximum potential of 88.

He’ll only keep dropping from the second season onwards and fall into the low 80s soon enough. Silva’s a fun player to operate in FIFA, but his sudden decline and drop in value could annoy managers. Unless playing with City, he should be avoided at all costs!

2. Giorgio Chiellini

One of the major decisions players make in career mode is to build up a strong defence to keep the opposition out at all costs.

Most managers entrust younger defenders with the potential to grow, but some lavish ones with immediate success often rope in the top stars.

However, Giorgio Chiellini isn’t the safest option if one has long-term ambitions with a career mode side. With a rating of 90, he’s definitely among the strongest defenders in FIFA.

He’s also 35 and could soon end up retiring in career mode! If you want continued success for around a decade in career mode, Chiellini isn’t the safest defensive option to trust upon.

1. Luka Modric

Luka Modric has received a strong rating despite having a disappointing season with Real Madrid.

The Croatian’s just not that influential anymore and rumours moving him away from Madrid kept persisting last term.

Don’t let that rating fool you, as Modric isn’t the best long-term investment despite having plenty of skills in his arsenal. He’s also 33 and his rating will drop rapidly once you move into a few seasons with him in your squad.

Modric will gradually become slower, less sleek to play with, and for anyone wanting a prolific midfield for many years, he’d be a bad buy.

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