Why William Hill’s partnership with CBS Sports is a Win-Win Deal

The recent partnership between betting firm William Hill and CBS Sports represents a growing trend worldwide. From the US to the UK, Malta to Germany, sports organizations are increasingly embracing the gambling industry.

William Hill’s new partnership in the USA will see the British company provide betting data to the American Sports network exclusively. In return, the bookmaker will have access to unlimited advertising to CBS Sports’ 80M+ viewers.

It’s an excellent deal, by all means, one that will profit all parties involved. Here’s why:

  • It Will Keep People Watching TV

Nearly all major sports TV channels have betting segments. In these shows, hosts don’t talk about chances created in football or the number of free throws made that day in the NBA. Instead, the talk is geared toward promoting betting, something that’s now legal in the USA.

CBS Sports’ latest deal with William Hill will give the TV network the type of data needed to help people make smart betting decisions. And in doing so, it could keep the eyes of tens of millions of Americans glued to its network.

  • Advertising Revenue Could Increase

Partnering with William Hill is only the beginning in CBS Sports’ journey to get a piece of the gambling market in the USA. Fortunately, the TV network signed a deal that could help it become more attractive to gambling businesses.

Precisely, the sports channel can now run more betting programs targeting players who love different sports. And if the programs are good enough to attract millions of people, CBS could broker more advertising deals with betting apps.

  • Could Enhance TV Engagement

Media executives around the US agree that engagement is the true measure of a successful show these days. And betting shows are proving to be a force to reckon with when it comes to engagement.

Not only can a show with high levels of engagement attract high-paying advertisers but it’s also viewed as healthy for the business. To expound further, a program that captures viewers’ attention can help an organization innovate more sales avenues.

NBC Universal, for instance, is exploring a type of shopping that turns real-time TV viewers into shoppers. If someone is watching an NBA match, they could get an alert on their mobile app to visit an online store to purchase sneakers.

Benefits to William Hill

  • Creating Awareness in the US

William Hill might be one of the biggest gambling brands in the UK but it’s not very popular in the US. Sure, it’s been providing services in Las Vegas for some years. But its partnership with CBS Sports is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing its brand.

CBS is a national broadcaster, meaning William Will now has a chance to connect with betting fans across the US. Of course, only a few states have legalized sports betting since 2018. But more than 20 jurisdictions are projected to license betting businesses in the next several years.

  • Increasing Sales

William Hill’s annual net revenue of about £1.6 billion each year could increase drastically if things work out in the US. There’s a growing demand for online betting companies in North America.

And now that the industry is legal, not only are people speaking up about betting but they are also doing it. With time, the number of bettors will increase and so might William Hill’s revenues.

  • A Platform to enhance its Brand

William Hill will be facing stiff competition in the US with more states leaning towards legalizing sports betting. But with the CBS deal in place, the company has unrestricted opportunities to promote its brand.

William Hill could make documentaries about its charities, talk about its odds or packages for VIP players. In case you are wondering, www.highstakecasinos.co.uk/william-hill/ has documented all the wonderful bonuses and privileges William Hill providers to high rollers. That includes bonuses, account managers and access to same-day withdrawals.

Benefits to Betting Fans

  • More Entertaining Sports Shows

Tired of listening to the same hosts argue over who between Lebron James and Michael Jordan is greater? Get ready to get entertained with betting insights as well as learning the precise markets you want to bet on.

Many betting fans would be interested in shows that help them become better punters. And if these shows are run by entertaining, knowledgeable pundits, CBS Sports might succeed in its missions of getting more people to watch TV.

  • Crucial Betting Tips

Let’s face it. The primary reason anyone wants to watch a show about betting is to get ideas on what to bet on. Being entertained feels good, but unless a betting program offer wagering tips, no one will want to show it.

What’s more, CBS Sports and other organization need to get people who can make consistently good predictions. That way, people will always have a reason to watch their programs.

Of course, the network has to ensure their programs cover multiple betting markets. Predictions about match winners aren’t all betting fans have interests in. They also like to know about spreads, totals, props and correct scores where applicable.

  • Information about Odds

Sure, you don’t need CBS Sports to help you know William Hill’s totals odds for a baseball game. But through their programs, you’ll be able to learn about the odds of different betting markets. And in doing so, they will ease your research work.

Knowing what odds William Hill offers, you could also know whether it’s worth it to bet via the British brand or an alternative bookmaker provides improved odds. That means the British bookie has some work to do if it wants to capture the US market. The most important is to provide competitive odds that people will like.

To Conclude

Less than a month since William Hill and CBS Sports signed a deal to worth together, it’s becoming clear the partnership is a win-win situation. The TV network will now have access to data it can use to create betting programs. On the other end, William Hill has a platform to promote its brand.

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