Why Table Tennis Is the Best Sport in the World


Anyone who’s ever been involved in table tennis, either as a player, a coach, or simply a fan, knows that it is a wonderful sport. However, some people out there still aren’t entirely convinced. This article is precisely for them.

We’ve decided to write a list of things we feel make table tennis the best sport out there, and we’re going to discuss each of them a bit.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the reasons why we think table tennis is the greatest sport out there.

You Can Play It Anywhere

Table tennis is experiencing a resurgence and tables are springing up all over the place. Aside from table tennis clubs and sports centers, there are now tables in conference halls, train stations, shopping centers, parks, and bars.

There’s always a place where one can play table tennis; even if you can’t find a table in a local establishment, you can always improvise at home. All you need is a wooden surface and some kind of barrier to act as a net.

Thankfully, that also means that no matter what the situation in the world is, there’s always going to be a table tennis match somewhere. If you’re a fan of sports betting, that also means you’ll always have table tennis in-play betting to rely on.

It Is Perfect for Relieving Stress

Daily life can include a lot of stress. Family, relationships, work or school all carry a bit of stress with them, and things can sometimes become overwhelming. Enter table tennis. To be fair, this is true for almost any sport, but because of the accessibility of table tennis, it is the perfect solution to stress.

All you need to do is pick up your paddle and as soon as you hit a few balls, you’ll forget all about your daily troubles. Of course, body chemistry has a lot to do with that. When you do any type of exercise, your body releases endorphins, triggering a positive feeling. But it’s not that simple.

Table tennis requires lots of momentary focus, so if you want to stay on top of the movement of the ball, you’re going to need to clear your mind. It’s like meditation but better! By the time you’re done with your game, you’ll be ready to tackle life’s problems once more with renewed vigor.

It Does Wonders for Your Brain

A growing body of evidence suggests that playing table tennis can keep your brain healthy and young for longer. Any table tennis player will tell you that their brain is a bit sharper than anyone else’s, but now there seems to be some scientific evidence to back that up.

It all has to do with stimulating your brain’s hippocampus. Most of us probably don’t know what that means, but we trust the scientists. So if they say table tennis is good for your brain, who are we to argue?

Money Isn’t a Factor

It doesn’t cost much to become a table tennis player. All you need is a decent paddle and those can be quite cheap. Unlike some other sports that require tons of equipment to get you started, table tennis will welcome even the most broke individuals with open arms. Another thing this sport is good at is making everyone equal.

Walk into a table tennis hall and you’ll have no idea who’s a Fortune 500 CEO and who’s a blue-collar worker. Everyone is equal in their sweaty T-shirt and shorts. Nobody cares about your background or where you come from. All that matters is how you play.

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