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Vote For The Soccerlens Podcast!



As I said earlier today, only titles (and awards) count in football. You may disagree (especially if your team wears red, pretends to play in pretty triangles and don’t like to win if one of their painted nails gets chipped), but that is how the world works.

Which kind of puts us in a difficult spot – earlier this week Soccerlens was nominated for several awards, including best EPL Blog, best EPL Blogger (yours truly), best EPL Podcast, best EPL Podcast Pundit (Iain Spragg) and best EPL Podcast Presenter (Adrian Clarke). To be fair, I think the first two nominations are absolute bollocks – This season, Soccerlens has had it’s worst year (content-wise) and I’ve been the Harry Kewell of football blogging. It’s not been the best of times.

But the Soccerlens Podcast has been the one shining light through all this mess – Adrian and Iain have done a marvelous job that deserves recognition at the highest levels in football podcasting. Since we can pick them in our own awards (haha), we’ll settle for an EPL Talk award.

It’s tough – the Guardian, Football Ramble, James Richardson and the other Guardian crew have far bigger audiences and therefore a bigger voter bank. Still, let’s do our bit and vote for the best (in my view) podcast and podcast hosts in football:

Best EPL Podcast (Soccerlens Podcast)
Best EPL Podcast Presenter (Adrian Clarke)
Best EPL Podcast Pundit (Iain Spragg)