Roque Santa Cruz Heading Towards Blackburn Exit?

Blackburn Rovers are struggling in the Premier League at the moment and it appears that they are set to struggle more, especially as top players have started voicing their disinclination to carry on playing for the club anymore.

Star striker Roque Santa Cruz has released a come-and-get me plea as he seems quite eager to move to a better and bigger club. He was previously at German giants Bayern Munich and understandably Blackburn is not proving the same sort of pool for him, especially now that they are struggling for survival in top flight English football.

The Paraguayan international striker has been quoted by Sky Sports as saying:

“Everybody knows my opinion (regarding a possible transfer), I am happy at Blackburn but also I want to keep improving my football and remain ambitious. My contract with Blackburn is clear and for that I need to continue with the club. But I am looking to again play in a big side that is in Europe and trying to win their league.

“I have to say the people here at Blackburn are fantastic, I am very happy with the fans. But, I don’t want to miss the chance of playing with a big side. If a bigger club came in for me then I would like to take that opportunity.”

Manchester City, are you listening? You have a really good striker up for grabs here! That is, of course, if you can prove that you’re a bigger side. Money talks just as well though.

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