Everton scored 1 more, Chelsea 1 less, with Liverpool still top and Blackburn rock bottom below Tottenham

Another weekend of fantastic action with match referees again at the centre of all the controversy. Once again the issue of respect was back on the agenda as managers up and down the country questioned the performances of the men in the middle.

The Right Result Panel last night met to review the most controversial incidents of the weekend’s games.

The independent panel have made the following judgements:

1) Everton v Fulham (1-0)
– Everton should have been awarded a penalty in the first-half when Hangeland climbed on Fellaini.

The Right Result: Everton 2-0 Fulham

2) Chelsea v Sunderland (5-0)
– Nicolas Anelka was offside for Chelsea’s second goal.

The Right Result: Chelsea 4-0 Sunderland

3) Portsmouth v Wigan (1-2)
– Wigan’s penalty for their first goal should not have been awarded. Diop withdrew his foot as he went to tackle Bramble so there was no trip.
– Valencia was onside for the Wigan goal that was disallowed in the second-half.

The Right Result (remains): Wigan 1-2 Portsmouth

The weekend’s results mean that according to the Right Result table, it should be Liverpool who still top the table (despite their defeat at Spurs), while at the bottom Blackburn are the ones looking up at everybody else.

In fact only 5 sides have the same league spot in the Right Result table as they do in the EPL.

See the full Right Result table here. To learn more about Right Result and to follow it every week, click here.

If you think the officials got a decision wrong on the weekend, something that would have resulted in a goal or prevented one, let us know in the comments below.

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