Real Madrid – Some things never change

It had to happen – Madrid is (too predictably) going after big names again this summer, with Gerrard on the top of the list.

One wonders, of course, why a star-studded midfield like Madrid would have a ‘problem’. Maybe they need better man-management or a better team atmosphere? What’s that about too many egos spoiling the team, you say?

The outgoing football director, Benito Floro, put Gerrard and Adriano (as well as Getafe’s coach – for laughs, maybe? Not Capello or Wenger?) on a wishlist presented to the new RM president, Fernando Martin. Mr. Martin is definitely old-school and despite his statements that Real Madrid will leave behind the ill-fated policy of buying up galacticos (political spin), this recent news confirms what we expected all along – it’s going to take a lot more than a President’s resignation for Madrid to change.

For what it’s worth, being at second place in La Liga (tied with Valencia, though) is no small feat, but for a club of Real Madrid’s stature to lose out on the top spot for consecutive seasons is unthinkable. Some clubs fall victim to their own hype. In this case, Madrid built their house of cards, and ever since Del Bosque was shipped out, that house has crumbled down.

Benitez has come out and said that Gerrard is not for sale – after the fiasco that happened the last time around (will he go, will he stay? he went for a day but came back), Benitez would hate to have the same situation on his hands, especially since he has a lot more on his hands to worry about (why do good strikers fail at Liverpool?).

This list is being thrown around in the media more than it deserves – there is little chance of Madrid chasing down such superstars again, and although they need star performers to bail them out, they need more than money to bring players to Madrid this time around.

Maybe they should spend that money on a coach instead, and give him some time to sort out the mess. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Real Madrid’s awesome history.

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