Predict The Future With BetUKnow

BetUKnow is a Soccerlens advertiser.

BetUknow is a totally free fantasy prediction game, with over 1000 British Pounds in real monthly prizes from Amazon UK.

BetUknow is the place where football bettors join to share their knowledge of the Premiership and other continental competitions, such as the Champions League.

Online virtual betting portal BetUKnow ( has today taken the step to unveil some of the secrets that high street bookies keep up their sleeves. We all know that bookies have them, favorite bets, money making football teams and sure fire winners for instance, but like the ‘magic circle’ those secrets will never be told. Until now!!

The info bookies don’t want you to know is:

  • Games involving West Ham are a nightmare for the bettor but heaven for bookies. The teams erratic performances ‘home or away’ mean that no regular momentum can be generated.
  • However, in contrast Everton is the team that fans can make money on. Everton is considered as a stable performer and even when playing away they get good odds and plenty of bets.
  • Manchester City Away is one of the worst bets for bettors — people think that they are taking their solid home performances to away matches — but of course they’re not!
  • Many people bet on Manchester United losing at Old Trafford. Surprised? Because they often win, the odds of winning are very low, so bettors are tempted by the odds given on losing. They believe that the fortunes of United will change and the money will come in.

BetUKnow fans have bet over 3,000,000 virtual pounds.

Key features include:

  1. The Wisdom of crowds, once the user submits a prediction he can see the segmentation of the crowd.
  2. The user’s can see the top predictor’s opinions and add them to their watch list.
  3. “Look @ You” this features let the users know on which teams they perform positively & vice versa.
  4. FANtasy league, every player can open his own mini league and compete with his friend, family or his office mates.
  5. The winners of the weekly/monthly competition can win Amazon UK vouchers. (No real money involved)

The fans portal is growing rapidly and with the announcement of ‘Fan Leagues’ means more and more members are creating their own unique mini-leagues where they are testing their ‘powers of prediction’ against friends, family and colleagues.

BetUKnow is a Soccerlens advertiser – all above information was provided by BetUKnow.

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