HatTrick.org – The Online Football Manager Game

It is every football fan’s dream to be able to own a club, manage a club or play for a club and lead them to glory on the biggest stage of the world. With HatTrick.org you can create your own club and start from the grass-root level and take your very own club to the heights of glory and all that comes with it. Plus, you will have actual people competing against you from all over the world. So if Pep Guardiola makes an account, good luck!

You are the manager and the owner of the club. You will plan tactics and strategy, decide what to train and whom to play, buy and sell players, invest in your home stadium and much, much more! Word of advice: plan long term even if you recieve losses in the begining.

When you take over your team, it takes a vacant slot in any of the two lowest divisions in the HatTrick series system. You will have a squad of players to begin with (some might be talented and some might not be so lucky), an arena and some money. Just remember to think before spending it all.

As far as your team name is concerned, you can always change it between seasons. It will cost you half a million of your local currency and some of the fans might leave your fan club.

Region & Weather
Your team belongs to a region, a region which you probably have a relation to. You can also check out other people from the same region as you. Every region has it’s own weather but no regions have better weather than others, all regions are equally good so you can start a club in the same region you actually live in.

There are only a couple of things that the weather will affect – most importantly, the attendance. Lesser people will watch the game when it’s raining, etc. You can see what is the weather like today and a weather forecast for tomorrow at the Region page. Like if the sun shines today, it’s more likely (compared to other weathers) that it will also shine tomorrow. So there is no random weather like snow one day and scorching heat the next.

The rest it all up to you since you are the manager and the owner of your club. You have complete, uninterrupted control over your team and your players. Good luck with your club.

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