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Football Manager – An introduction to Scouting



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Scouting is fast becoming vitally important in the real world of football. With the somewhat categorical inflation of prices that managers have been experiencing during this summer’s transfer window, the need for scouts to uncover the hidden talents of the beautiful game has never been greater.

Although I’m not here to attempt to justify the desperate need for top quality scouts in football. No, I’m here to attempt to explain how you can assemble the perfect scouting team on FM, allowing you to reap the rewards of unearthing that potentially decisive signing.


All non-players on Football Manager will have a certain amount of knowledge relating to specific nations. Be it where they spent most of their professional playing career or perhaps it is their country of birth, knowledge is particularly crucial when deciding where to send your scouts on assignments.

In this sense, if you have a scout who has full knowledge in say Brazil, they will be more comfortable in searching for talent on a Brazilian based assignment. Say for arguments sake they don’t quite have full knowledge of Argentina, but they know more about that particular country than England, you may be best served arranging the scout to scour South America for talent. I hope that made sense!

Although don’t expect miracles just because a scout has full knowledge of a particular country. This purely means that they will be more likely to work to their full potential in a country that they are familiarised with. The attributes within their profile will have more relevance in their ability to uncover players.


You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to work this out but when you are at the stage of appointing a scout for your club, make sure you pay particular attention to the Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential attributes. High attribute ratings in these two areas will most likely result in more accurate scouting reports.

For more on staff attributes, take a look at the ‘Staff Attributes Guide’ post.

Reports and Feedback

When your scout has compiled a report on a particular player, you will be the first to know about it. Depending on the attributes and knowledge of your scout, you will be presented with an accurate and extensive set of details on the player in question that can prove extremely useful in judging whether he is the right signing for your team.

The information at your disposal includes an assessment on the player’s current and potential ability, their personality, strengths and weaknesses and as well as some advice on any potential transfer, your scout will also offer an overall recommendation of the player represented by gold stars.

5 Top Tips

  1. If you’re looking for the next generation of top quality talent, be sure to regularly send your scouts to youth competitions such as the European under 19 Championships.
  2. When you receive a report on a particular player make sure you consider the transfer information and try and bid as close as possible to the minimum asking price that your scout considers the player to be available for. Should help save you bundles of cash!
  3. Don’t always listen to the advice of your scouts, especially if they don’t have decent attributes for Judging Player Potential and Ability.
  4. If you’re not totally convinced by the information that one of your scouts has relayed on a player, get a second opinion from another member of your scouting team or even a coach or your assistant manager.
  5. Make sure your scouts are always kept busy. If a scout has finished an assignment, you may want to either restart the same assignment or send them on a new assignment. Dated information on a player will get you nowhere!

If you’ve had enough of having to arrange scouting for your club or you just don’t trust some of the feedback you receive, why not check out the ‘FM Scout’ post for information on a download that could be the answer to all your scouting nightmares!

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